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Gold Casio Share Infectious Debut Album Disco Hits Radio

Gold Casio are set to entrance populations through space-age disco and electrifying visuals. Based in Brooklyn, New York, the group’s advanced sounds blend indie-tronic dance rhythms and pulsing psychedelic pop, pulling from a broad spectrum of influences ranging from ‘80s art pop, nu disco, electro funk and more. With beats and rhythms that ooze Daft Punk or Justice, paired with vocals that sound like a Blondie meets Talking Heads super group, listeners are guaranteed to get these infectious melodies stuck in their heads.

Since releasing a series of ear-worming singles since 2020, the group have been busy in the lab concocting their debut album, Disco Hits Radio (Or, The Ecstasy of Ego Death), which is out now. Featuring a genre-defying journey of psychedelic pop, the album is poised to take over headphones and dancefloors across the globe. With 20 tracks in total, including the captivating lead single “Womp”, the album marks the start of an exciting new chapter for the group.

Building upon the pastiche of early synthpop and late ‘00s electroclash that’s informed the outfit’s career to date, Disco Hits Radio’s 20 tracks run the gamut of electronic music from the last four decades. Whether it’s indulging in self-serious ‘80s melodrama Human League-style from a shutter shade viewpoint (“Osaka Nights”, “Moon Lady”), employing the signature angularity and sing-speak of classic new wave (“Womp”, “$$”), leaning into the saccharine, poptimistic earnestness (“Champagne Kisses”, “Centerfold”) or basking in dulcet disco (“The Ecstasy of Ego Death Pt. 2”, “Revolver”), the breadth of influences on Disco Hits Radio are emblematic of a band at the top of their game.

Speaking further on the album, Gold Casio say, “When we began putting together the album, we were drawing inspiration from a lot of pretty disparate places, and the songs were leaning in a lot of different sonic directions; it was a pretty diverse batch. We started thinking about how to connect the dots and draw it together into a cohesive work, and we began imagining the idea of creating this cosmic mixtape or an inter-dimensional pop radio station.

“We realised an underlying theme was pop songwriting approached from many different production standpoints and imagined that the connectivity and flow between songs could be a uniting factor. That spawned the idea that grew into the broader album concept, which we then worked into putting the album together as a whole, connecting songs in continuous flow and creating transitions to make it feel like not just an album but a cohesive whole artistic work.” Disco Hits Radio (Or, The Ecstasy of Ego Death) is available to buy/stream now on all platforms:

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