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  • Jthurston
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    Jthurston’s “Self” Unravels the mind’s opposing forces.

    Jthurston‘s latest album, “Self,” sets to be released on November 14, 2023, “Self” is a 10-track exploration of the internal conflicts that we most often avoid but defines us—both as artists and as individuals. “Self” begins with “Last of Me,” a modern hip-hop track themed at being ourselves for ourselves, clearing all doubts before putting […] More

  • Dre Fariñas

    Dre Fariñas Lights Up the Night with “Late Night Jukebox”

    Dre Fariñas “Late Night Jukebox.” a 15-track masterpiece, sets to enchant audiences from November 11th, 2023 onward. This album transcends boundaries of genres, fusing pop, hyper-pop, rap-pop, hip-hop, R&B, and house into a fascinating musical artwork. From the light soft-pop vocals that gently caress the listener in tracks like “All Night Long” a previous release […] More

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    Rapper Austin Fox 狐 Shares Phenomenal New Album Genkurō 源九郎

    Rising Virginia rapper Austin Fox 狐 has unveiled his latest masterpiece in the form of brand-new album Genkurō 源九郎. This album weaves a captivating narrative inspired by Japanese culture, mythology and martial arts philosophy, delivering a profound musical experience that transcends boundaries. Genkurō 源九郎, a shapeshifting fox spirit, takes centre stage in this unique musical […] More

  • FlyFly

    FlyFly ‘Second Chapter’ Soars as an Anthem of Self-Discovery.

    FlyFly’s latest release, “Second Chapter,” is that album which takes listeners by the ear, feeding our thoughts about the battle of self-discovery and inner growth. With nine tracks spanning just over 31 minutes, this album is a concise yet powerful statement of personal transformation. This Journey began from the previous release “crowns”(filling my emptiness with […] More

  • WilliefromtheDrive
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    WilliefromtheDrive Offers The Music World A Monumental 62-Track LP: “Forgot to Drop These While Protecting Your Feelings”

    WilliefromtheDrive is about to shatter records and redefine what it means to be an independent and solo artist with this LP, “Forgot to Drop These While Protecting Your Feelings.” This epic musical journey spans a whopping 62 tracks, showcasing his evolution from the 2018 version of himself to the present day. The audacity and sheer […] More

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    Kofi Kente’s ‘Purple Child Blues’, a Raw and Reflective Musical Journey.

    Kofi Kente‘s latest musical endeavor, “Purple Child Blues,” takes listeners on an introspective odyssey with a refreshing blend of live instrumentation, thought-provoking lyrics, and evocative production. In this album, Kente delves into deeper subjects than in his debut EP, “Phoenix 92,” taking listeners on a 26-minutes and 28 seconds’ odyssey that unearths his struggles with […] More

  • Chef Porter

    Chef Porter Cooks Up a Musical Feast in ‘de zéro’, a Hip-Hop Journey From Scratch.

     Chef Ed Porter has already dazzled us with his Netflix show “Pressure Cooker,” he’s now serving up a musical masterpiece on his latest project, “de zéro” (from scratch). This 16-track album, dropping on November 3, 2023, reveals a side of Porter we’ve never seen before – his prowess as a musician and storyteller. “de zéro” […] More

  • Neighborhood Libraries

    Neighborhood Libraries’ “Postcards for the Backyard” Offers Serene Soundscapes for Troubled Times.

    Neighborhood Libraries‘ latest masterpiece, “Postcards for the Backyard,” arrives as a beacon of tranquility. This neo-classical journey, crafted by the talented Taylor Swindells, offers 15 tracks that invite you to explore moments of beauty and serenity. With a rich blend of ambient, electronic, and neo-classical influences, this album promises to be a musical oasis for […] More

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    Zack Miranowic Unleashes a Soul-Stirring Sonic Odyssey with ‘Cryin’ Out’ EP.

    Zack Miranowic’s latest offering, the EP that’s “Cryin’ Out” for your attention. In this captivating release, Miranowic, known for his hard-hitting hard rock and heavy metal anthems, takes a detour into the realm of acoustic melodies and singer-songwriter introspection. The EP’s opening track, “Seems Like Yesterday,” immediately sets the tone with its heartfelt lyrics and […] More

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    O.D.D.I.T.Y Drops Must-Hear New Album Love is___.

    O.D.D.I.T.Y, the genre-blurring musical sensation, has once again pushed boundaries with his latest album, Love is___., produced by Punchboi and Sensei Wu. Hailing from Indianapolis, Indiana, but now making waves globally, O.D.D.I.T.Y has captured the essence of life’s most profound emotion and packaged it into a rich, multifaceted album. Relocating to Florida during the challenging […] More

  • Yonatan Gutfeld

    Yonatan Gutfeld’s ‘About Two Months’, a Captivating Musical Diary Unveiled

    Yonatan Gutfeld‘s latest album, “About Two Months,” invites listeners on a captivating journey through the passage of time and the ever-shifting landscape of human emotion. With ten beautifully crafted tracks spanning 31 minutes, and 49 seconds, this album is a testament to Gutfeld’s remarkable talent as a musician and composer. Gutfeld’s inspiration for “About Two […] More

  • Cold Weather Captains

    Cold Weather Captains’ Self-Titled Debut Packs a Powerful Punch of Musical Diversity

    Cold Weather Captains have set sail into uncharted musical waters with their self-titled debut album, “Cold Weather Captains,” and the result is a breathtaking voyage through the seas of eclectic rock. This 10-track masterpiece, released on September 22, 2023, showcases the band’s evolution and musical prowess since its inception in 2018. The album kicks off […] More

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