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Miri$hinzo shares a new album, “It’s Only The Beginning”

Miri$hinzo is a new music star from Nigeria who now lives in Vancouver. He is releasing his first album, “It’s Only The Beginning”. The album has seven good songs that last for about 20 minutes. Miri$hinzo loves music and wants to use it to help his family and friends. He has performed on many stages in Canada and wants to become famous like Drake and Ed Sheeran. He also wants to help people worldwide with the money he makes from music.

Hip-hop legends like Kendrick Lamar and Biggie inspire Miri$hinzo’s music. His album has songs about different things, like being happy today, standing together, and thinking about life. His music is not just about the beats and words. It also has a message.

Miri$hinzo is a kind person who wants to help solve the world’s problems. He is patient and works hard to make good music. “It’s Only The Beginning” is not just an album, it is a look into Miri$hinzo’s life, dreams, and love for music. When you hear the last song, you will know that there are many more great things to come from Miri$hinzo.

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