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CJ McCollum and Damian Lillard’s Aspirations: A Potential Ownership Stake in the Portland Trail Blazers

The landscape of the NBA has seen its fair share of player involvement in team ownership, with legends like Michael Jordan and LeBron James becoming synonymous with franchise ownership. However, a new duo is making headlines for expressing their desire to own a piece of the action – Portland Trail Blazers guards CJ McCollum and Damian Lillard.

In a recent interview, Pelicans’ guard McCollum revealed, “We haven’t actually texted Dame today; we haven’t talked about it. I think right now, we’re just focused on trying to help improve our teams and our situations. But that would be a dream come true to be able to own a franchise for sure.” The notion of players transitioning from the court to the owner’s suite is not unprecedented, and McCollum and Lillard seem keen on exploring this avenue for their post-playing careers.

The potential ownership dreams of McCollum and Lillard come at a time when the future of the Portland Trail Blazers is under scrutiny. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver addressed questions about the team’s ownership during a news conference, asserting that the NBA Board of Governors has not discussed forcing a sale of the franchise. Silver acknowledged that Jody Allen, the current chair of the Blazers, is operating the team “in a first-class manner.”

The intricacies surrounding the ownership of the Trail Blazers stem from the estate of the late Paul Allen, the team’s former owner. Jody Allen, Paul’s sister and trustee of his estate, assumed control of the Blazers and the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks after his passing in 2018. According to reports, Paul Allen directed that the trust be liquidated upon his death, with Jody Allen expressing a future intention to sell the team given her brother’s philanthropic plans.

The NBA has outlined a requirement that a team held by an estate must be transferred within a reasonable time period. However, as Commissioner Silver pointed out, what constitutes a reasonable time period is open to interpretation. In 2022, Jody Allen announced that neither the Blazers nor the Seahawks were for sale, dispelling rumors that circulated after an offer of over $2 billion was reportedly submitted by Phil Knight and Alan Smolinsky.

While the desire of McCollum and Lillard to own a piece of the Trail Blazers is evident, the uncertainty surrounding the timeline for the team’s sale adds an intriguing layer to their aspirations. The NBA landscape is evolving, with players actively participating in franchise ownership, and the potential involvement of McCollum and Lillard could shape the future of the Portland Trail Blazers.

As McCollum and Lillard continue to focus on their on-court endeavors, the prospect of them owning a share of the Portland Trail Blazers adds a compelling narrative to their careers. The evolving situation with the team’s ownership, coupled with the players’ aspirations, creates an intriguing storyline that fans and basketball enthusiasts will undoubtedly follow closely in the coming years.

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Written by Landon Buford

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