Tillerman Unveils New Single “Hold Me, Haunt Me”

Tillerman, the lively group of the Kulczycki brothers, Jon and Tom, plus their buddy Shaun Mallia, is gearing up to wow audiences again with their latest song, “Hold Me, Haunt Me.” This sincere tune, steeped in family harmony and raw feelings, shows how much the band has matured and evolved.

“Hold Me Haunt Me” tackles the universal experience of grief and longing we all go through, inspired by Jon’s journey after losing his dad. Through thoughtful lyrics and stirring melodies, Tillerman takes listeners on a healing trip, calling out to those we lost, even for a moment. Recorded at Loom Studios in Leeds with famed producer Grant Henderson, the song has a haunting beauty, enhanced by piano, strings, and a rousing gospel choir from the US. This mashup breathes new energy into the track, taking it to heavenly musical heights.

Jon Kulczycki says, We just wanna connect with listeners emotionally. If we can genuinely move people with our tunes, mission accomplished

With influences spanning The Beatles to Fleetwood Mac, Tillerman has carved out a niche fusing classic rock and modern pop. Their crossover appeal and obvious talent shine through when they win over critics and fans.

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