Landon Buford Exclusive: Chingy Opens Up About Love, Music, & Business


Photo Credit – Richard Ross had the opportunity to recently sit down with Platinum recording artist Chingy to discuss his partnership with Amazon Alexa and Voice XP. Chingy was one of the first musicians that publicly endorsed the voice recognition product.

The St. Louis Native spoke with us about in the works television pilot that will feature himself and his security team. Chingy’s The head of his security is also a private investigator who is hired by wives to investigate their husbands according to Chingy’s interview with RESPECT Mag.

At the time Chingy discussed his single ‘Girl I love you’, which is a love song about perception and how we define love. The full interview can be seen below, but check out what the successful business executive has to say about technology, investments, and growth.


What advice would like to share with Entrepreneurs looking for great investment ideas?

I think you need to go online and do some research and see what small businesses opportunities are out there. Seek out a startup company that is just starting to gain some traction as far as stock. I think venturing into that expect of things and looking to see what is next as venture into invest in as a come up. Do your research on small businesses and see if its something that fits you as an individual.

What made you decide to partner with the “Voice XP” to push Amazon Alexa?
Bob who is the Vice president of Voice XP is a friend of a friend. He reached out to my DJ, and he got in touched with me. From there Bob and I sat down and talked about this business venture, and we decided that it would be an excellent opportunity for an artist such as myself to promote Alexa, which gives the artist a platform to support themselves and allows them to be their own business, while Alexa will play an assistant role. I was one of the first artists to support this business venture, and it started from there.

Is there any new news on your television pilot?

We have been waiting for one of the producers to finish some prior engagements that he should be wrapping up shortly and will shooting after that is complete. We will be shopping this project to a network that is known for investigative programs.

What has been the biggest lesson you have learned in your career?

The most significant lesson that I learned in my career and I am going, to be honest with you Landon, I have been too trustworthy. As I progressed in my career, I have determined not to believe in a lot of individuals because they have broken that trust and tried to get over on me. You think people have your best interest at heart, but they are only concerned about how it benefits them. I have learned to enjoy the moment and continue making great music because the money doesn’t drive me.  Making music motivates me to pursue my passion.

Is there any genre of music that you would like to cross over into in the future?

The music that I have made throughout my career has crossed over into other genres. I did not make music for a specific style they were made because that is how I was feeling at the particular time. You limit yourself when you think I need to make music for just this crowd of people instead of exploring all of your options.

What are your thoughts on love and what situation taught you the most on the subject?
I think it is a four-letter word to describe people’s emotion and I think it helps create a need for something. Nine out of ten they do not feel what the definition of the word. We believe we that love something when we have an attachment to it, but in regards to relationships, you can think that you are attached to someone, while you are impressed with their looks and financials. Most of the time that need is more physical and not mental. Love to me is a good or bad emotion that we all carry as individuals. You have to have an inward connect to your significant other whether that is your wife, husband, etc. You can think just because have great sex that is the definition of love. You have to have a bond with another person. If I am a girl a relationship mean I am with her marriage is more of a business relationship. If we have an incoming connection, it doesn’t need to be explained on a piece of paper.

What is dropping on Valentine’s Day because your fans are interested to know?

It a song called ‘Girl I love you.’ It is a record appreciating all women.

When can we expect you to release a full album?

The next album I release will be Dead Rose.

What do you think?

Written by Landon Buford

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