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Luka Magic’s Artist Exel Shares What Inspired The Song & How Guitar Hero Turned Him In A Rapper

Photo Credit- Nick White

Welcome to LandonBuford.Com. Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

My name is Exel, I’m Texas rapper. I’m very fortunate to have my song “Luka Magic” go viral thanks to the Dallas Maverick’s and the community.

What inspired the song and how did it go viral?

At the time I was working on new music with my producer in Atlanta and we hit a creative wall. In order to relax, we paused and put on some youtube highlights of Luka Doncic, my favorite NBA player and there was an audio of Mark Followill saying “That’s Luka Magic!”. At that point my producer turned to me and said “that’s it…Luka Magic” and we started writing the song. From there I started sending it out like crazy to anyone related to the Maverick’s after the song was finished. Finally, Tamara took a chance on me and helped me push it out there to the organization and got it played at games through their DJ. Of course can’t forget the MFFL community for showing me love  through twitter. 

So would you say this wouldn’t have happened without Mark Followill? 

Absolutely. This would not have been possible without Mark coining the term “Luka Magic”. What’s even better is that Mark gave me his blessing after the song came out, loved the song, and retweeted it on social media. 

Besides music, what other goals, hobbies, or other aspirations do you have? 

Growing up I actually wanted to be a professional wrestler. I trained to be a wrestler for a little bit and during that time-period I transitioned into body-building for about 3 years. While I still do a little bit of body-building on the side as a hobby, I should note that what inspired me to get into music as a career was Guitar Hero

Tell us how Guitar Hero turned you into a rapper. 

I grew up on all forms of music…country, rock, rap, pop…Before I got into pop music, I was in a band as a vocalist and guitarist. We were actually going to work with the manager for Alice and Chains before they disbanded. So my buddy told me I should start doing cover-songs and I took his advice. One of those songs went viral on Facebook and received a message from 

Post Malone’s producer, Sauce Lord Rich to come work with him in Atlanta which lead us to write “Luka Magic”. 

So what’s next for Exel? 

So right now I’m working on new music. This next song I’ll be putting out is called “Forbes” which will reference 2 other favorite players of mine, Reggie Bullock and Jalen Brunson. That will be released on July 30th.  

Written by Nick White


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