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NBA Insider & Sneaker Reporter Travis Singleton Drops His Own Official Sneaker [SR1’s]

Courtesy of Travis Singleton

NBA and sneaker reporter Travis Singleton recently dropped his own shoe called SR1 [Sneaker Reporter] 1’s.

According to the, all custom shoes are made by hand by a master Italian craftsman in immaculate Italian leather. Every designed pair of shoes are unique, combining traditional craftsmanship, quality and modern style for a perfectly Italian product.

It been almost four years since I sat down with the Boston, Massachusetts, and one of the best sneaker reporters around the NBA. The last time we spoke about his journey and how he turned his passion for Sneakers & the NBA into his dream job for The Hype Magazine.

Now, Singleton recently spoke to about the creation of his own custom shoe and successful clothing line.

1. Can you share with us how long the idea of creating your shoe has been in the works?

Singleton: I been thinking about doing a sneaker for as long as I been a sneakerhead. I dropped my album last year and one of my friends was like you can be the first NBA reporter to have his own sneaker too. The opportunity was presented to me back in June and I’ve been working on it behind closed doors. It’s all about being an independent brand and monetizing off our own stories. We are the culture so I wanted to be able to express myself through colorways.

2. Where did you draw your inspiration for the shoe’s design?

Singleton: So the company approached me with the opportunity to use their silhouette but I can own my colorways. The colorways give a sneaker life and that’s what I was able to do working with them.

3. Will there be any other designs and colorways in the future?

Singleton: We already have the SR1 High & SR1.5 in the works and some crazy colorways for the SR1 before the year is over. I’m a Christmas Eve baby so we got a Christmas colorway. Definitely got some Boston colorways because that’s my hometown. We also have a Colorway for my non profit organization Kicks4Grades in the works. Just know I’m ready to take this as far as it can go. Without God none of this would be possible truly blessed to express myself.

4. Do you plan on adding to your sneaker line by tapping into a clothing line?

Singleton: Definitely we got the clothing line as well which has been very successful in the past so we want to make sure we continue that. Shirts, Crop Tops, Hoodies, Joggers just to name a few.

5. Where do you plan on selling your shoes at?

Singleton: They’re going to be online right now but I wouldn’t be opposed to having the SR1s in local stores. Thanks for all the people that have already bought pairs it’s been crazy the support.

You can picked up a pair of your own SR1’s on, and make you follow The Sneaker Reporter on all Soci

Written by Landon Buford

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