Powers’ Michael J. Ferguson AKA 2-Bit Weighs-In On Joseph Sikora & Gianni Paolo Beef “Tommy Would Smoke Brayden”


50 Cent is not trying to be a peacemaker between Power stars Joseph Sikora and Gianni Paolo.

Sikora, who plays Tommy Egan, and Paolo, who plays Brayden Weston in the original show and her spin-off Power Book II: Ghost, were involved in a tense exchange at a 50 concert as part of his Tycoon Weekend in Houston this past weekend.

A video of the event shows Paolo approaching Sikora on stage while 50 performs the Power theme song and offering a handshake, only for Sikora to leave him hanging. Paolo then gets rid of the burn by tapping his co-star in the shoulder and leaving.

Things escalated on social media, where Sikora initially claimed that the two had resolved their differences. “We saw each other at the hotel afterward and talked. All good. [thumbs up emoji],” he commented in an exchange post.

However, Paolo refuted the claim and proceeded to Air Sikora on his Instagram Stories, revealing the 46-year-old actor has had a problem with him for some time.

“Listen I was gonna leave this shit alone but ppl keep sending me this and dude just straight up telling lies,” he wrote. “It’s not ‘all good.’ I asked him in the elevator what his deal was with me cause he’s been doing this shit for years when I’ve shown nothing but respect and love.

“He kept just saying he doesn’t fuck with me. Nothing was resolved. Stop spreading lies cause people are pressing you about your saltiness. I’ve said nothing but amazing things about this dude on the podcast and if you listen to it you know.”

He added, “Season 6 of Power he was the nicest guy in the world to me. Then when Ghost happened everything switched up. If you’re gonna try and pretend like shit is resolved for social media cause you’re mad everybody is asking why a 47 year old man is throwing shade at someone who everybody fucks with then at least do better than that my guy.”

In a follow-up Instagram feature, Paolo added: He’s been doing this shit behind closed doors for years. YOU made this public on stage grandpop not me. Now you’re dealing with the outcome of being a child.”

50 Cent, co-creator and executive producer of the Power universe, seemed to revel in beef brewing between two of his major men by adding more fuel to the fire.

“[eyes emoji] oh shit, it’s up!” he wrote on Instagram on Wednesday (August 31) while sharing screenshots of Sikora and Gianni’s social media exchange. “Now I never like to start shit but you should sock him Tommy, wait i think this little n-gga Brayden got a knife . lol.”

Paolo commented in the comments section: “Nah 50 cmon [crying face emoji].” Sikora has yet to further address the drama.

In the promo clip up Tuesday’s episode of The Crew Has It with Michael Rainey Jr & Gianni Paolo, Paolo gives Tommy a shoutout.

Shout outs to character Tommy, says Paolo.

Michael J. Ferguson, who plays 2-Bit in the original Power and Power Book II: Ghost is this weeks guest on the show. He tells Paolo to hold up.

Ferguson: Hold on, we outside. Hold on.

Paolo: One of the best characters on tv.

Ferguson: Mine too, but hold on. Let’s be real, Tommy would smoke Brayden. C’mon let’s keep it real.

What do you think?

Written by Byron Nelson

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