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    LeBron Promise to LakerNation

    The Lakers 2021-2022 season has certainly been rocky & the outcome of the near future seems a bit uncertain and definitely in jeopardy…. Not so well! At times, the team looks as if it’s an un-orchestrated freight train moving roughly at about 250 MPH with not enough kryptonite. Many analysts and critics have been quick […] More

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    Wack 100, DJ Kay Slay Hospitalized Battling Covid

    When you’re thinking of the Hip Hop pillars from the ’80s & ’90s, all the way up until our present era, the name DJ Kay Slay has certainly rung bells for the past 40+ years! Unfortunately, the historic DJ Kay Slay has reportedly been hospitalized due to covid-19 and is currently on a ventilator. The […] More

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    Lakers find a way not to Panic with LeBron’s Enforcements & Stanley Patrol

    Despite the numerous line-up deficiencies that have plagued the Lakers 2021-22 season thus far, they sit at (.500) with a record of (19-19). Out of the 39 games played midway through the season, star icon LeBron James has only played in 26 games due to an abdominal strain that sidelined the 4-time MVP for two […] More

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    Fans Believe LeBron Zero Votes Was Intentionally Done To Provoke Him

    LeBron James been carrying the weight of an obese elephant on his back since making his NBA debut, October 29, 2003. Drafted No. 1 overall, The high school sensational phenom out of St. Vincent-St. Mary High School has been playing with a chip on his shoulders since day one! Or shall we call it weight? […] More