Patriots’ Robert Kraft Says Taylor Swift Should Date Rob Gronkowski Instead Of Travis Kelce

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In a Lighthearted Moment…

In a lighthearted moment during National Trading Card Day celebrations, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft couldn’t resist making a playful jab at pop sensation Taylor Swift’s choice of superstar tight end. Kraft, known for his charismatic presence and sense of humor, jokingly suggested that Swift should have chosen Rob Gronkowski over Travis Kelce, citing Gronk’s undeniable charm and good looks.

Anecdotes and Memories

The humorous exchange took place as Kraft joined Fanatics Collectibles to commemorate National Trading Card Day at World Champion Sports Cards in West Palm Beach, FL. As collectors gathered to celebrate the occasion, Kraft shared anecdotes about his long-standing relationship with Swift, which dates back more than a decade.

Recalling Swift’s first stadium concert on June 5, 2010, which coincidentally fell on Kraft’s birthday, the Patriots owner reminisced about convincing Swift and her family that she had the potential to sell out a stadium. As a token of their longstanding friendship, Kraft presented Swift with a framed ticket from that historic concert during her visit to Gillette Stadium to watch the Chiefs play the Patriots.

Humor Amidst Camaraderie

Amidst the laughter and camaraderie, Kraft couldn’t resist injecting a bit of humor into the conversation. Playfully suggesting that Swift may have made a different choice in romantic partners, Kraft quipped, “Except maybe she should have been dating Gronk — he’s better looking!”

The jesting remark drew chuckles from those in attendance and served as a light-hearted moment during the festivities. Despite the playful banter, it’s clear that both Swift and Kelce, as well as Kraft and his longtime partner Camille Kostek, are content in their respective relationships.

Engaging with Fans

Away from the playful banter, Kraft also took the time to interact with fans and collectors, signing autographs and engaging in conversations. The event, which coincided with Topps Hobby Rip Night, provided an opportunity for fans to connect with their favorite sports personalities and celebrate their shared passion for trading cards.

Throughout the evening, a host of sports stars and celebrities, including Kevin Durant, Odell Beckham Jr., Joe Burrow, Ronald Acuna Jr., Steve Aoki, Meek Mill, and Johnny Manziel, joined Kraft in engaging with fans and collectors. The event served as a testament to the enduring popularity of trading cards and the power of sports to bring people together.


In the end, Kraft’s humorous remark added a touch of levity to the event, highlighting the camaraderie and shared enjoyment that comes with celebrating sports and pop culture. As fans and collectors continue to cherish their favorite trading cards, moments like these remind us of the joy and laughter that accompany the hobby.

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