Sky WNBA Champion Kahleah Copper Calls Out WNBA Sponsor Door Dash


WNBA Champion Kahleah Copper hopped on Twitter and shared the chat she had with a Door Dash delivery driver by name of Lily with the caption, “I can’t make this up @doordash.”

Door Dash’s customer service would reply in the Copper’s mentions.

Oh my! I am so sorry for this dasher’s behavior towards you. It’s disrespectful and we will be happy to look into this for you. Please send me a dm of your email, phone number, and date of the order.-Steph

Former Chicago Sky forward now with the Los Angeles Sparks Katie Lou Samuelson replied in the mentions, ‘Lmao this is wild.”

Chicago White Sox co-host, Herb Lawrence tweeted, “Why can’t folks just allow KFC to eat a meal without problems?

In August 17, 2020 Door Dash partnered with the NBA, WNBA, and NBA 2K League, according to Door Dash.

It’s not the time for Lily make jokes about COVID with Kahleah Copper, especially with the Chicago Sky being one game away from reaching the WNBA Finals for the second straight season. Copper was a significant piece in the Sky’s run last season against the Phoenix Mercury and they can’t afford to have her miss any games moving forward. So, we hope both parties can come up with a solution.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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