Power’s Michael J. Ferguson Gives Backstory On 2-Bit Jail Meme From Season Six Ep 15


This week on The Crew Has It with Michael Rainey Jr & Gianni Paolo their guest was Michael J. Ferguson who plays 2-Bit in the original Power series and Power Book II: Ghost.

During his appearance he described how the viral meme of him hold up the piece sign, after he heads back to his jail cell following his conversation with Sergeant Blanca Rodriguez.

“I remember the last episode I did was with Anthony Hemingway it was 6 season episode15. But and it’s crazy because I don’t really do improv. Like, I wasn’t confident in doing improv, but we w shot a bunch of takes that’s when Monique Gabriela Curnen [Sergeant Blanca Rodriguez] that’s when she had the black eye from remember Dre [Andre Coleman] punched her in the face, and she had the black eye,” said Ferguson.

“So, she came to the jail and asked me some questions and I thought like he we shot the scene a few times then he’s [Anthony Hemingway] like yo just do whatever you feel and then I threw a piece sign. Then that turned into a meme and it’s because of him.”

Ferguson was also asked when did he know that he was going to be in Power Book II: Ghost.

“Like because the character in power if you don’t die they could bring you back 10 years right in10 years. Like you don’t know you just got to be ready. Tariq is about to be lit like really and then 2-bit might be like he could be in that world like but nobody knows.”

Ferguson later talked about knowing that a Power Universe was coming and that 2-bit could be a part of that.

Power Book II: Ghost is to return later this year for season three on Starz.

Written by Landon Buford

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