Michael Rainey Jr Breaks Down How Kanan Stark’s Advice Of Staying Three Steps Ahead Has Helped Shape Tariq St. Patrick Moving Forward


On one of the most recent episodes of The Crew Has It with Michael Rainey Jr. & Gianni Paolo, they previewed Season 3 of Power Book II: Ghost and answered fan questions.

During the episode, Michael Rainey Jr. was asked how Tariq St. Patrick has grown since season five, episode 7, since that conversation with Kanan Stark. Stark shared that you always have to be three steps ahead.

“I mean, there are so many things that Kanan taught to Tariq that helped Tariq move forward with his story in Power like is so many different instances, but that one, you know, just staying three steps ahead,” said Rainey Jr.

“Tariq always, like I said, where I relate to Tariq in a way where he’s just observing everything, and he like keeps everything he needs to observe before he needs to make his move. Sometimes he doesn’t and moves too fast, which comes with being young, but he’s three steps ahead like Kanan taught him.”

Rainey was also asked what was it like filming with Ghost compared to filming with Kanan.

“Man, all right, so see, the thing is like with Ghost was always trying to show Tariq the right thing to do. Tariq was always after a while seeing that his dad wasn’t that. His dad is trying to teach him still what his dad is, and he’s kind of like, all right, whatever,” Shared Rainey Jr.

“Then he goes, and he’s hanging out with Kanan; it’s more like a father figure thing; I’ll look at it like the bad cool Uncle. The uncle you want to always chill with like he always lets you do whatever you want. You could trust him by telling him s*** that you wouldn’t tell your father.”

Power Book II: Ghost Season Three is slated to debut sometime next year.

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Written by Landon Buford

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