Wack 100 Tells Alleged Associate Of LeJuan Bailey He Got $10K Contract That Chris Brown Had Only Half Upfront Not $1.4 Million For Missed Contract, “I’ll Wipe My A** With The $10k”

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Chris Brown was accused of theft after allegedly receiving a $1 million payment to play at a charity concert in Houston, Texas, to which he failed to show.

The event, which was supposed to take place on March 19, 2022, at the Toyota Center, was in aid of those affected by Hurricane Ida and Nicholas in Houston last year. —a storm that caused the death of four people and the destruction of countless houses.

LeJuan Bailey, the owner of DML Real Estate Investors and Construction and organizer of the benefit concert in March said her company reserved the rapper for performing, but he couldn’t make it to the show.

The businesswoman is now taking the rapper to court after Brown allegedly “refused” to send the money back, which equates to about $1.1 million, according to Click2Houston.

“I acted in good faith and sponsored this concert out of love and respect for residents in need. I am appalled that Chris Brown refuses to refund my money for a show he did not appear to after we announced our show and sold tickets,” Bailey said on the case.

Bailey added, “At this point, it is my humble belief that Chris Brown’s actions are parallel to pure theft.“He has the unmitigated gall to take my money, stand up the residents of Houston, then return to the city to perform on August 17, 2022. My message to Chris Brown: We will not sit back and allow you to disrespect the victims of Hurricane Ida and Nicholas in need.”

On Monday afternoon, Wack 100 addressed the situation with an alleged associated of Bailey’s by name of Tiffany Parker on Clubhouse in AAYAN FIX MY LIFE.

Parker came in and said, Chris Brown stole $1.4 million dollars from my from my friend here in Houston 

” Nah you can’t say that if you don’t know the details you can’t. Bring him in here bring him in here. You got the contracts?” said Wack.

Tiffany Parker: I got the contracts.

Wack: “So he put Chris Brown for 2.8?

Tiffany Parker: We put Chris Brown for 1.2 million that.

Wack: That means only 700K should have gone to Chris.

Tiffany Parker: It doesn’t matter.

Wack: No it does matter! If the price was 1.4 you are sending 50 percent, you are sending 100 percent.

Parker: He would only come if we sent 100 percent, I’m telling you don’t know what you are talking about.

Wack: That means you should of never sent it.

Wack: Did the contract say a hundred percent or fifty percent?

Parker: Do you know what happened ?

Wack: I’m asking you did the contract say 50 or 100? But look don’t tell a big old story it’s simple s***.

Later in the conversation, Wack said Aayan, I got ten thousand

 she put that up I guarantee you, right? I guarantee you if he’s the man in one four his contract said he needs his a two-hour time frame before flight date. I guarantee that, I

“I deal with this every day this is how I got rich. You’re not gonna tell me Chris Brown go sit here set himself up to receive some money and not show up that’s a fool’s move cause he got to pay back to $1.4 million plus losses plus whatever you spend in advertisement, said Wack 100…

“I got the ten lets put the contract up. I guarantee there something in that contract that he has be paid in full before his fight date.”

You ain’t got the ten, said Parker.

Wack replied, “I’ll wipe my a** with that s***.”

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