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Kanye West Talks Kyrie Irving And Why He Signed Document To Free Brittney Griner [Listen]

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On Saturday night Kanye West was brought to Clubhouse By Wack 100, and apparent Wack was charging $20 for listeners to get into the room.

Below are some of the things Ye talked about during the interview with Aayan from Aayan Fix My Life.

Aayan asked Ye what was his thoughts when signing the documents sent to Putin to free Brittney Griner. Kanye responded American should seek peace with any country holding American prisoners abroad. “I had no interactions with the Russian Government, I didn’t favors, I didn’t except any money or any compensation. I signed the document for public distribution, and planned on consulting the state department before the meeting.

Ye based his perspective and positioning on American prison system, he said all the cooperate contracts with individuals are examples of prison systems.

Banks, one of the biggest, accusing them of locking 75 million dollars on four separate accounts. He also spoke on America’s judicial system and how you can be wrongfully convicted and wrongful executions. Comparing today’s society to the game of thrones, what’s the crazy part, “what I’m saying it or the fact that I’m willing to say it”?

God bless Kyrie he never had a MK ultra trainer, he showed the energy of change that can happen just by the two of us standing on something we believe in. Kyrie took the hit not only on just my behalf but all of our behalf’s and Gods behalf! “Why do we want to me like Mike instead of being like Christ”

He said the Jews work in the nigga packing business and they are the middle man. Come and get me! Room blew up both Ye and Wack 100 accounts were clipped from clubhouse.

However, Wack was able to get his account back on Clubhouse, but unfortunately, Ye’s account is still clipped.

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Written by KrispyLakersNation

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