Wack 100 Reveals Khloe Kardashian Flipped The Bill Lamar Odom Hospital Visit In Vegas & For His Rehab

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More than seven years after finalizing his divorce from Khloe Kardashian, the former NBA player shared how much affection he still has for his ex-wife. Questioned on TMZ Presents: Lamar Odom: Sex, Drugs & Kardashians if Khloe was the love of his life, Lamar did not hesitate to respond.

“I think so,” the former Sixth Man of The Year said. “With all those other women I was with, none of them made me feel secure enough.”

Odom was later asked if Khloe asked for another chance would he do everything in his power to make things work this time around.

“I’d be like, β€˜Where? When?’ Of course I would,” he said. “I’m not a loser, and I feel like I lost. I would love to just take Khloe out to dinner. To be her friend.”

“I’m too shy and I’m a Scorpio and I hate being told β€˜no’ and being denied,” he said. “I’m afraid.”

Odom also revealed during the interview, that a brothel owner attempted to kill the former athlete, leading him to an almost fatal overdose, to confess that he had “full-blown relationships” behind the back of his then-wife, KhloΓ© Kardashian.

Apparently, he overdosed in October 2015 at Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch, a brothel in Nevada, Odom admitted he did not remember how he woke up in the hospital three days later in a coma.

Speaking of his visit to the hospital, according to Wack 100, Khloe Kardashian flip the bill for Odom’s hospital visit and his time in rehab because he didn’t have enough money to pay for either.

Wack was on Clubhouse on Tuesday afternoon when he shared the news.

“The Kardashians’ involvement was help in Nevada. The Kardashians are in Calabasas. When it hit the blogs, he didn’t have the money to pay for s***. So, the woman [Khloe Kardashian] is tied to him [They were married at the time]. The woman reached out and covered the bill. She wasn’t involved with him going out there,” said Wack.

“They got involved once it hit the blogs. When in a medical treatment center, they will only give you so much treatment if youcan’t show me the pay… So once the [news] hit the blogs because of this, he couldn’t cover the bill. She stepped in, covered the bill and put him in rehab. Once she got him in rehab, she covered that bill [and] she continued with her life.”

What Wack shared about Odom’s time in the hospital and the Kardashian presence while he was there lines up with what Daniel Artest, brother of Ron Artest, shared on his The Queensberry Project podcast.

β€œIt was nerve-wracking because at the time that it happened, Lamar Odom Was in Las Vegas, and he came to my gym every day, and we were working out. We were doing boxing workouts and everything. So when this day happened, we worked out, and I didn’t even know,” said Judah.

β€œThe next day when it was time to go to the gym, they said Lamar would not becoming. His driver told me [he was in the hospital], and we got over the hospital, and we were just there. It was sad, but shout out to Kris Jenner, man. Boy, you saw the power of Kris Jenner, she came through that hospital man and shut it down, my brotha. Big props to her. I’m not going to front. I got mad respect for Kris, if you weren’t a familiar face you were out of there.”

Written by Byron Nelson

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