Wack 100 React To Video Floating Around With J-Prince Bragging About Pressing Jay-Z At Ritz Carlton In Houston [Listen]


In the world of hip-hop, J Prince and Jay Z are two names that need no introduction. Both men have left an indelible mark on the industry, with J Prince being the founder of Houston-based record label Rap-A-Lot Records and Jay Z being a legendary rapper and businessman. However, in recent years, the two have found themselves at odds, with J Prince publicly calling out Jay Z for what he believes is disrespect towards him and his family.

The feud between J Prince and Jay Z began in 2018 when J Prince released a book titled “The Art and Science of Respect.” In the book, J Prince discussed his upbringing in Houston, his journey to success, and his experiences in the music industry. However, one chapter of the book stood out in particular, as J Prince used it to call out Jay Z for his treatment of J Prince’s son, Jas Prince.

According to J Prince, Jas Prince was instrumental in discovering Drake and bringing him to the attention of Cash Money Records. However, when Drake’s career began to take off, Jay Z allegedly tried to poach him away from Cash Money and cut Jas Prince out of the picture. J Prince was not happy about this, and he made his feelings known in his book.

In the chapter, J Prince wrote, “Jay Z is a man who will rob you of your kindness if you let him. I learned this lesson firsthand when he tried to sign Drake without giving proper respect to Jas Prince, who discovered and cultivated him.” J Prince went on to say that he had reached out to Jay Z to try and resolve the issue, but Jay Z had allegedly ignored his calls and messages.

Jay Z did eventually respond to J Prince’s allegations, but he did so in a way that only added fuel to the fire. In a verse on his song “What’s Free” from the album “Championships,” Jay Z rapped, “Prince Akeem, they throw flowers at your feet / And you’re still standing on your own, two feet.” The “Prince Akeem” reference was seen by many as a subtle dig at J Prince.

Speaking of J-Prince a video recently surfaced of him bragging about pressing Jay-Z Houston.

we got calls that he was in the airport right? I mean imagine that s***, I don’t know s*** when you land . you know what I mean because it’s that deep right? Said Wack 100.

“A long story short, he pursued his situation right and he was in a Ritz-Carlton from what I hear and it didn’t go well for him because he didn’t do s*** protocol wise. That’s all I want to say about that s***.”

Well, on Tuesday afternoon, Wack 100 weighed in on Clubhouse.

“I love my brother DJ Kay Slay and I did did business with the real. First you got a n*** first you got it you heard them [J Prince] we pressured to go get a chain back for J Prince. J Prince gets the chain back. Then he send you on two business meetings with the labels, but he won’t even stamp you to get the deal. You don’t give us no money and then the artist let’s get this right the artist that’s under J Prince keep it real bro if my artists come out, and diss your a**, ” said Wack.

“I damn sure knew about the diss and I allowed to diss to happen. That little n*** is he ain’t that. So, for him for the song to come out this in New York guess who didn’t have a problem with it? Jay Prince had no problem with the n*** dissing y’all. Didn’t give y’all nothing would snap you to get the deal. The label saying if Jay Prince say you ‘Rap A Lot’ we give you a deal right now. Wouldn’t do it and then now the n*** is on here bro one of the biggest one of the most decorated motherf***ing artists right? To come out of New York, I don’t give a f*** if you like him or not. New York is supposed to protect Jay-Z. His name is Legacy would he stand for at all means against anybody this facts.”

Despite this back and forth, it’s worth noting that J Prince and Jay Z have both accomplished incredible things in the world of hip-hop. J Prince is responsible for launching the careers of artists like Scarface, Geto Boys, and UGK, while Jay Z is a 23-time Grammy Award winner and the founder of Roc Nation, one of the most influential record labels in the game.

At the end of the day, it’s possible that J Prince and Jay Z will never see eye to eye on this issue. However, both men have contributed a great deal to the world of hip-hop, and their legacies are secure. It remains to be seen whether this feud will continue to escalate, or if both parties will find a way to move on and continue making great music.

Written by Byron Nelson

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