Wack 100 Send Strong Warning Don’t Come Critiquing His Business Or He’s Violating You [Listen]

Wack 100 was recently on Clubhouse and warned the public during this recent appearance. Anybody who comes up to him and asks him who he is doing business with will respond with the ultimate disrespect. So it’s f*** you and f*** your momma.

This come after audio was released by No Jumper of  Memo 600 keeping it solid at the police station when questioned by the police.

Memo 600 can be heard saying the gun was not his, “So that means what? Whoever else is in the car where I come from I plead the fifth I ain’t got nothing to talk about see you in court . I’m going to sleep. If tell them what ain’t mine and here’s other people in the car I’m eliminating myself,” said Wack.

These days these mother f***ers changing the whole narrative to what it is and what it’s supposed to be so there. I’m gonna let y’all have it. but don’t come asking me about who I do business with, who I’m talking to, who i’m making a song with and who i’m taking a picture with.

Later he would say, ‘If I’m doing my business don’t come around critiquing. I’m telling you right now, It’s f*** you, f*** your Momma .

Written by Byron Nelson

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