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How To Get Started In Mobile Digital Marketing 

Mobile digital marketing or multi-channel marketing is based on the communication between mobile devices and a target audience of mobile users via different communication channels.  

Due to the increased usage of smartphones, marketers focus on providing highly personalized content through multi-channel marketing on mobile devices.  

Pick a Platform 

Some of the channels mobile markets use are SMS and MMS, QR codes, social media marketing paid ads, and mobile apps.  

First, SMS and MMS are very useful in alerting consumers of the best offers or new products. Next, social media apps are widely used and its generally a cost–effective way to organically boost your target audience and communicate with your potential customers.  

QR codes are typically used to drive engagement and retention. Lastly, mobile apps can be used to attract potential customers to download the app and eventually become brand advocates. 

Determine Your Budget 

You’re rarely in a position to be able to focus on every mobile marketing platform, which is why you should determine what your budget for mobile marketing is. So, you could focus your efforts on one platform or work on multiple channels. 

One of the best ways of determining your budget is by using the following formula – Marketing Operational Costs + (Goal Number * Goal Acquisition Costs) = Total Budget Spend. It gives you a rough idea of your costs and main goals attached to a specific marketing channel. 

Define Your Target Audience 

The target audience is vital for any business, especially when you have a limited budget and want to use it effectively. For this reason, it’s important to start with a buyer persona and even come up with multiple buyer personas that will help you narrow down your options and really focus on platforms that are relevant to your users. For example, if you’re mainly communicating with business consultants, then you might focus on LinkedIn as the social media app and text messages. 

Write Content for Mobile Users 

The content for mobile users should be personalized to their preferences and also relevant to the channel of communication. Text messages are mainly short and to the point, which is why they are used for notifications, while email marketing can be utilized for long-format contact.  

For example, an online casino may create a new content piece discussing the latest Microgaming casino games, which are optimized for mobile, so that their target audience will get relevant and useful information about slots they may want to play. 

Create an App 

There are different kinds of apps, from mobile e-commerce applications, social media apps, and photo editors, to text messages and other apps.  

Mobile marketing is mainly associated with mobile applications which are promoted in a way that drives customers to install the application, start using it, and eventually become loyal subscribers or customers. It can be quite costly to create and promote an app, but it can be an integral part of certain online businesses. 


Since many mobile marketers use certain platforms, they put consistent and cohesive efforts on multiple platforms to have the best chance of reaching their target audience. Each platform has its own set of advantages, but all of them combined give the best results in developing a relationship with the customers no matter what stage they are in their customer lifecycle. 

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