Kanan Stark Beats The Crap Out Freddy In Episode 6 For His Violation


Kanan Stark was sent to deliver a brown paper bag to a bodega, but he was robbed by Freddy and his boys. They took Famous’ chain, the bag full of money, and drove off. Freddy told Kanan, I don’t give a f*** about you, your family, or nothin’, Kanan. That’s right. I’m that n***. The n*** you need to be scared of.

Kanan, “I’m telling you Freddy, you f*** up, man.”

Been hearin’ that my whole life. But I’m still out here perpetratin’ and gettin’ this money. That’s how shit work, my n****. Street math. Don’t take it personal.

“First day on the job and I’m already getting tax. This n***’s got me lookin’ like a straight f*** clown. That’s a’ight though. We gonna go get that s*** back,” said Kanan.

Later in the episode, Kanan gets a gun from Corrine’s mother and goes to get his mom’s money back. He bust up in the room and then tells Freddy, It’s time to do that street math, n***. Hope your punk-ass knows how to subtract. Grab that s***. Grab the bag. Make sure the money is in there,” said Kanan.

Famous: We good?

Freddy: As soon as we peep that s*** we were gonna give it back, man. That ain’t the business, we in. That ain’t the kind of trouble we looking for.

Kanan: It’s too late for that, Freddy. You done found it.

Then Kanan proceeded to beat the crap out of Freddy.

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Written by Landon Buford

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