Raquel Thomas is a Combination of Ghost & Monet Tejada, Says Raising Kanan’s London Brown


The Power Universe is filled with many exciting characters, but there is a figure on the table’s head in every show. In the original Power series, it was James St. Patrick [Ghost]; in Power Book II: Ghost, it is Monet Tejada; in Power Book III: Raising Kanan, it is Raquel Thomas.

In a recent interview with London Brown, who plays Marvin Thomas in Raising Kanan, was asked who was more comparable to Raquel Thomas, Ghost or Monet Tejada?

“I probably would say… Well, you know, it’s interesting because she [Raq] has the femininity of Monet, and so she’s holding down the end, but she got the authority of Ghost. So, she’s not to be played with, so I think she is almost a combination of the both of them in an interesting sort of a way,” said Brown.

“Where she isn’t tough [enough] to where she loses her femininity, but she’s still very ladylike. She’s still gonna be nails done and hair whipped up, but you can’t cross her. She’s not to be played with or taken for granted. So, I’ll probably say maybe a combination of both.”

What do you think?

Written by Landon Buford

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