NBA Young Boy Will Be Bigger Than Drake, Says Wack 100

The game lost another great feature from its album “Drillmatic” because it was too expensive to keep NBA YoungBoy on the project.

The manager of the game, Wack 100, presented the details in a recent Clubhouse convene in which participated Ma$e and several others said that even though YB cut its usual feature label by $300k in half, it was still too expensive to keep it on the album.

According to Wack, it also cost a ton of money to clear the samples used on the album, which resulted in 10 additional pieces being cut. YB is the most successful rapper of 2022, so its price makes sense. Yet, Wack says they got a Game-only version of “O.P.P.” ready to upload.

Later in the Clubhouse conversation, Wack 100 shared that thinks that NBA Young Boy will be bigger than Drake.

“I think NBA will be bigger than Drake at this time on YouTube his presence definitely is there, but where he’s lacking is and this is by his own decision Ma$e. His touring both foreign and domestic has yet to be proven. NBA for the record he doesn’t tour because he chooses not to. He doesn’t do clubs because he chooses not to,” said Wack.

“So, whenever nephew gets in that mindset that he’s ready to do that, we see him packing out arenas and headlining his tours and s***. Then, I can give my comparison, but at this time, overall. I gotta give it to Drake.”

He added, “do I think NBA can become bigger than Drake? I think NBA can become a Wayne personally.”

As for Game, he shared that he’s never paid for a verse in his life in the comment section of XXL’s IG post.

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Written by KrispyLakersNation

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