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The Game Says If 50 Cent Doesn’t Want To Do Verzuz,’Then It Doesn’t Need To Be Done’

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Earlier this year, The Game weighed in on a potential Verzuz Battle between himself and Meek Mill. Game shared that he has too many records, and he wasn’t trying to do all of that.

“I got too many records and I’m trying not to do all that I get too disrespectful with it. That’s why you don’t see me at award shows,” said Game.

The Game has been on the record stating if he were to participate in Verzuz Battle, it would only be his former G-Unit mate 50 Cent.

“You can’t really talk about 50 Cent and hip-hop without somebody bring up Game, and you definitely can’t say Game without somebody saying: ‘But, oh, 50 wrote all your hits. You ain’t shit without 50,” he said.

“It’s a Game and Fif, and Fif and Game thing. And so, as far as the Verzuz is concerned, that is the only person I would even entertain doing a Verzuz with, because it just makes the most sense and nobody else can really go with me.”

In a recent appearance on Clubhouse, the Westcoast rapper was asked again who he would go up against in a Verzuz. He replied, “The only person that makes sense to even go at me or exist on a Verzuz stage with me is 50. Everybody knows that, and If 50 ain’t going to do it, then it doesn’t need to be done.

“A Verzuz battle? Probably not,” 50 said. “We back outside. That was something that happened during the pandemic when we was stuck in the house. Now that we back outside, there’s other things to do. We supposed to be creating new history, not being back there.” 

An excerpt surfaced where the game touched on rumors that 50 Cent wrote an important part of the documentary, which the rapper of Compton refuted. “When you heard 50 rap on the documentary, that’s what he wrote, n***a. Obviously. That n***a didn’t write shit for me,” he said. “N***as know. I wrote ‘300 Bars.’ Was 50 there?”

That’s when Wack 100 chimed into the conversation and revealed that The Game wrote, “What Up Gangsta” for 50 Cent. “I’mma speak on something he don’t ever speak on. What up, cuz. What up, blood. What up, gangsta? Who you think wrote that,” Wack said. He added that The Game ‘doesn’t beat his chest about his songwriting credits.

“All the shit that I assisted my pen with on Aftermath, from Dr. Dre records to being in there on the G-Unit album, and being there at the middle-tail-end of Get Rich Or Die Tryin’. I ain’t never said, Oh, I wrote this certain song — I don’t give a fuck about that, my n***a. If it’s about writing shit, and staying on point with your pen, n***a, it’s been 20 years, my n***a,” he explained. “N***a, I’m here right now with a song on the top of the Billboard, right now.”

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Written by Landon Buford

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