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The Game Says Stop Playing With His Name, ‘Anytime I Can Go Platinum & Put Out Classic Album’

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Over the years, the general public has made comments such as Los Angeles Rapper, the game has fallen off, and his career didn’t reach his full potential. They all don’t mention his name in their top five or top ten rappers ever. However, if he didn’t care about being a father or playing video games, he dropped more classical music.

The rapper was recently on the Clubhouse app and made it known that he can go platinum when he wants.

“I’m not going too far into it, but I let’s say this I came into this s*** in 2003. It’s 2022. Eazy is on the Billboard charting right now. The only reason it is on the Billboard right now is that I give a f*** about it and want it to chart right now. I wanted all my s*** to chart when I felt like it. I hate getting myself and my career misconstrued like I could not be mentioned in every conversation if I felt like it. I just liked playing videos and being a daddy too much. I rap on their time because it is what it is, but it ain’t like [people] are better than me,” said Game.

“There is not a rapper alive that can really f*** me up, and n*** gotta stop with The Game ain’t do this. When I came in my n***, there was a gap so big it was like a prostitute p***. So I filled that s** in and held the west down by myself for a decade damn near dolo.”

He added,” I went to war with the east coast I did all that s*** by myself wasn’t nobody in. I took Nip and Kendrick on tour and fought with my homies over that for having Crips on tour. I went at HOV, 50, G Unit, and I did all that by motherf*** dolo. N*** always playing with my name on this raps*** I just let n*** that. I can go platinum and put out a classic album at any point. I have a discography ten albums deep my n***. With all dope motherf*** classic s*** like n*** better stop playing and I’m back outside to and I’m back outside with my old bulls*** and up all my old games just because I feel like it.”

The Game is currently in the studio working on his forthcoming ‘Drillmatic.’ He dubbed the project the best album of his career. That is high praise with albums such as The Documentary and the Doctor’s Advocate under his belt.

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Written by Landon Buford

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