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The Game Says ‘Drillmatic’ Best Album Of His Career, ‘No One Can Hang With Me Bar For Bar’

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Two months ago, The Game confirmed that he is in the studio working on his forthcoming ‘Drillmatic.’

“We in the studio. You, the single out, but know that s*** don’t stop. We in the studio cooking up the best rap album of the year,” said The Game.

“No cap I’m not playing with n*** this year. I’m not capping, I’m not being humble, I’m slaying n****. We are in a different zone right now. Man, Wack will tell you. I’m going to get back to work, but I’m in here alight.”

In a recent appearance on Clubhouse, The Game doubled down, stating his ‘Drillmatic’ album will be his best album to date. During the Clubhouse discussion, Bullets Gotti asked Game if Drillmatic would be next to Doctor’s Advocate and Documentary? Is it on that level?

“Yeah, this s*** crazy, said Wack 100. Album crazy!”

The Game added, ‘This album right here, my n***, is probably the best album of my career. I’m not going to even cap. Doctor’s Advocate is my favorite album, I know many people gas up in the Documentary, but there are many reasons why the Doctor’s Advocate is my favorite album. Number one, I did that s*** without Dre and 50, and that s*** sold almost the same amount of records on my own. I was up against the label, G-Unit, Dre, 50, and I was still able to pull that s*** out. Plus, the album is sold than a motherf*****.”

“The Documentary s*** was like, you are coming in, hungry, and want to be one of the best rappers in the world. So, you give it all you got, but you are still a rookie, and you are timid about what you should do and what you should say. I did not have free range at that point. I was not trying to scare n*** away from seeing my s*** through.

So, on Doctor’s Advocate, I was able to get my s*** off. Drillmatic is a twenty-year rap career n***, this is veteran Game. I’m a better rapper than I have ever been in my life today, and n*** cannot f*** with me. I don’t a f*** what rapper who they are, where they are from. East, West, Middle, South, n*** cannot go bar for bar with me today on this motherf***** Tuesday, and this new album is going to reflect that. I’m not playing games.”

On Wednesday, The Game and Kanye West’s video to Eazy dropped. Of course in the single West released the verse “God saved me from that crash, just so I could beat Pete Davidson’s ass. “ However, during the video, there is an animation scene burial filled with flowers, the black-and-white clip ends with a message threatening the comedian once again. The video drops not long after Kim Kardashian won her divorce hearing against West making her a single woman again.

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Written by Landon Buford

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