Wack 100 Says He Gave Away 10 Free Gave Verses & Charged Hocus 45 $50K

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On Monday Afternoon, Wack 100 was on Clubhouse in the 100 ENT room, discussing numerous topics. Topics included a top ten list of Clubhouse rooms, but Clubhouse and data analytics do not support it.

During the discussion, he argued with a Clubhouse user, and things went left quickly. Wack 100 mentioned that a Clubhouse user named Hocus 45 needed him for

“He [Hocus] needed Wack 100 to promote him; I don’t need this n*** to promote me. Hocus calls me for verses, I don’t call him for versus… She said I’m made because Hocus don’t f*** with the n*** that he needs to promote him I’m very confused. I’m very confused right now,” said Wack.

“For the record, I gave out 10 free Game versus and when Hocus called, I told him $50,000 because I know he didn’t have it. I know he didn’t that n*** sent me an old garbage a** song.

Speaking of The Game, he was recently on the “I Am Athlete” podcast, and talked about being snubbed at the Super Bowl in Los Angeles.

“The f****** Rams was in the Super Bowl, bro!” The Game said, “L.A., L.A., L.A. all around the Super Bowl and I don’t get the call. I was hurt by that.”

“Dre should’ve called and said why. I would’ve understand that ’cause I talk to Dre. I talk to Dre often and I just know if I was Dre and he was Game, then he woulda been up there. That’s just it. It’s L.A. and I am L.A. I’m in the streets.”

What made Game even more upset was that Eminem and 50 Cent got to perform at the Super Bowl when they weren’t even born and raised in Los Angeles rappers.

The Game also recently pushed back the release date of his latest album “DRILLMATIC – Mind vs. Heart.”

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Written by Byron Nelson

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