Luxury is Getting a New Area Code: Netflix Announces “Selling the City”

Following the sky-high success of “Selling Sunset” and its spinoff “Selling the OC,” Netflix is expanding its real estate reality empire to the Big Apple with its newest series, “Selling the City.” The streaming giant promises another addictive foray into the world of luxury real estate, this time set against the backdrop of the dynamic and competitive New York City market.

Introducing “Selling the City”

“Luxury is getting a new area code,” Netflix announced as it unveiled plans for “Selling the City.” The new series will follow a group of no-nonsense, kickass agents from Douglas Elliman, one of New York’s premier real estate firms, as they navigate the cutthroat world of high-end property sales. With the promise of stunning real estate and equally compelling personal drama, “Selling the City” aims to capture the essence of NYC’s fierce real estate market.

Production and Cast

Production for “Selling the City” is set to begin this spring, culminating in eight 45-minute episodes. While the cast remains under wraps, fans can anticipate a diverse group of dynamic personalities, each bringing their unique flair to the competitive landscape. The series will be executive produced by Adam DiVello, the creative mind behind “Selling Sunset” and “Selling the OC,” ensuring the same high drama and captivating storytelling that fans have come to love.

The Legacy of “Selling” Series

“Since its debut, “Selling Sunset” has captivated audiences with its glamorous portrayal of LA’s luxury real estate market and the intricate personal lives of the agents at The Oppenheim Group. The show’s seventh season aired last year, with an eighth season already confirmed, keeping viewers hooked with its blend of high-stakes deals and personal drama.

The success of “Selling Sunset” led to the creation of “Selling the OC,” which brought the same formula to California’s picturesque Orange County. The spinoff quickly gained a following with its own set of rivalries and dramatic moments, including memorable feuds between cast members like Alex Hall and Kayla Cardona, and Sean Palmieri and Austin Victoria. The show’s third season recently premiered, continuing the trend of intense personal and professional conflicts.

The Drama Continues

While the cameras captured moments of reconciliation between some cast members, off-screen tensions often told a different story. Kayla Cardona’s recent comments to E! News highlight the ongoing friction between her and Alex Hall. Despite an on-camera apology, Kayla felt the gesture was insincere, stating, “I knew that her apology was not genuine.” Alex, for her part, expressed confusion over the post-filming fallout, describing it as “inconsistencies” that undermined their brief truce.

What to Expect from “Selling the City”

With “Selling the City,” Netflix is set to deliver more of the high-stakes real estate deals and interpersonal drama that fans crave. As the series gears up for production, anticipation builds for the reveal of the new cast and the luxurious properties they will showcase. The addition of New York City’s vibrant real estate market promises a fresh and exciting dynamic to the “Selling” franchise.

Stay Tuned

As we await the premiere of “Selling the City,” fans can catch up on the latest seasons of “Selling Sunset” and “Selling the OC,” both currently streaming on Netflix. With the new series on the horizon, the world of luxury real estate is about to get even more thrilling, bringing viewers into the heart of the most competitive market yet.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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