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Jason Oppenheim Announces Renewal of “Selling Sunset” for Eighth Season

In an exclusive sit-down with The Hollywood Reporter, Jason Oppenheim, the prominent real estate broker and star of Netflix’s hit reality show “Selling Sunset,” divulged exciting news about the show’s future. Oppenheim disclosed that the immensely popular series had been greenlit for an eighth season, and production is slated to commence soon for the latest installment of the binge-worthy show.

Reflecting on the show’s evolution, Oppenheim expressed his delight in how each season becomes more enjoyable. Originally hopeful for at least three seasons, the show has far surpassed those expectations, securing a loyal fanbase with its mix of high-stakes real estate deals, interpersonal dynamics, fashion extravagance, and the vibrant nightlife of Los Angeles.

With the Season 7 reunion special set to air shortly, tensions and anticipation are at an all-time high. The teaser video teases a potential confrontation between Oppenheim’s ex-girlfriends, Chrishell Stause and Marie-Lou Nurk. The suspense intensifies as Nurk cryptically hints at Stause being a focal point of discussion while Tan France of “Queer Eye” questions Oppenheim’s feelings toward Stause, even hooking him up to a lie detector.

Despite attempts to stay aloof from the on-screen drama, Oppenheim acknowledges that his approach to being on camera has evolved. Initially cautious and guarded, he now feels more relaxed and open to sharing his personal life, understanding that enjoying the process adds to the show’s appeal. Despite being happily single presently, Oppenheim’s life in front of the camera has become more candid and less restrained, contributing to the show’s authenticity and entertainment value.

The show’s success has propelled both Oppenheim and his real estate firm, the Oppenheim Group, to new heights. From a team of 10 agents, the firm has expanded to approximately 80 agents with offices in Newport Beach, San Diego, and even Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Oppenheim attributes more than 20 percent of this growth to the show’s exposure.

Yet, with success comes scrutiny. TMZ reporters regularly follow Oppenheim, seeking insights into the show’s cast and their real-life affiliations. Questions about fellow cast member Bre Tiesi’s potential departure from the brokerage and influx of inquiries from show fans looking to join the Oppenheim Group reflect the immense impact and interest the show has generated.

While appreciative of the show’s fanbase, Oppenheim remains focused on the core business of selling homes. He voices concerns about the challenges facing the real estate industry, including potential disruptions due to recent lawsuits affecting agent commissions and the impact of high-interest rates on the luxury market.

Despite the uncertainties surrounding the industry’s future, Oppenheim remains optimistic. He hopes for a market shift in interest rates while acknowledging the eventual end of the “Selling Sunset” phenomenon. Looking ahead, Oppenheim envisions returning to his roots as a real estate agent once the show’s buzz fades, emphasizing his commitment to the profession beyond the realm of reality television.

As the spotlight continues to shine on Jason Oppenheim and “Selling Sunset,” his insights into the industry’s challenges, along with the show’s continued success, provide a glimpse into the intricate world of luxury real estate and the captivating drama that unfolds both on and off-camera.

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