Powers’ Raquel Thomas & Kanan Stark Bury Man That Marvin Bodied & Sal Boselli Men Tried To Kill Raq & Kanan


Raquel Thomas elects to take her son Kanan Stark camping in the woods, but Thomas does not know at the time that the Italian Mob led by Sal Boselli from Jersey has had eyes on her home and has been following them.

Raq took Kanan camping because she wanted some time to bond with her son after Detective Howard revealed that he remembers everything and that he is Kanan’s biological father.

Two hitters were sent to kill Raq in the woods did not succeed the first time because a man and his son were looking for fire wood.

Later Raq would ask Kanan how he was feeling, and it goes into the season we saw the tailor for this episode.

“I brought you all here to talk to you. See how you are, how you are feeling about us. About you know what we do. Look, you get into an age where you want to make real money,” said Raq.

“Start figuring out what you want for your life [and] making your mark on this world. You are the heir to this throne, Kanan. I know you are not sure you want to be in it.”

She would go to say that it was his if he wanted it.

Kanan would reply, “I want it, ma, I don’t think I did for a minute, but I do.”

Raq: No secrets between us, no lies, no side hustles, [and] we share everything. It’s you.

Kanan: You going to share everything with me too.

Raq: All you gotta do is ask. You and me, you know this.

After their conversation, Raq and Kanan bury the guy that Marvin bodied and put in the Wall after he attacked Raquel in season one.

Later, Sal Boselli men tried to kill Raq, but she got the jump on the guy. He would later shot his partner after he told him to leave Kanan alone. The shot was not a kill shot, but it allowed Raq to the hired gun that she and his boss would speak, and that she and her son were going home.

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Written by Landon Buford


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