Power Book III’s Lou-Lou Thomas Catches His Second Body This Time He Bodied Crown Camacho For Violating Him


In the third episode of season two of Raising Kanan, Crown Camacho stepped into Raquel Thomas about trying to out a deal to sell her a part of Bullet Proof Records for damn near nothing. In exchange, she could wash all the money she needed to clean and get her brother Lou-Lou out of the studio and back on the streets.

“You and me were better off when Lou wasn’t in the music business,” said Camacho.

Raq replied, “I’m listening.”

Crown: What if I sold you part of the label for damn near nothing? Let you wash all the money you want through it. In return, let’s get Lou out of the studio and back on the street. That’s where he belongs.”

Raq: I don’t have time for you right now Crown, you gotta go.

Crown: Oh, but Lou will kill me if he knew I step to you like this.

Raq: Lou ain’t going to know s***.

Camacho is trying to get back at Lou-Luo did a debt-to-equity swap. Meaning that he will convert what he has loaned Camacho into a 50/50 partnership and a stake in Bulletproof [records]. Because the money that was loaned went to an investment.

In episode six Raquel Thomas elected to tell her brother that Crown stepped to her.

“Your boy came to talk to me. Crown. He said he was looking for away from underneath all y’all bulls***. He asked me to help move you, says you wasn’t no good at the music s***. Ha. That you was just gettin in the way, said Raq.

Luo-Luo: Why you telling me this, Raq?

Raq: Pssh. Hell if I know. Maybe it’s my subconscious speaking to me, telling me that I should just accept that you ain’t down no more. That I should just let you go after all. In fact, maybe it’s not my subconscious. Maybe it’s my conscious.

Later in the episode, Lou-Lou finds Crown Camacho at the studio and confronts him.

Lou-Luo: You know it was one thing when I heard you were smashing Jess behind my back. But I ain’t one to let b***** get in the way of business.

Crown: The f*** you know about business, Lou? You in over your head. So deep, you don’t even know which way is up n***. You and I know you can’t do this s***. Not without me. Everybody knows.

Lou-Luo: That’s why you went around me? To my sister? You want me out the label?

Crown: All you are is Raq’s baby brother. That’s all you ever gonna be.

Those were Crown’s famous last words, but Lou-Lou turnaround for a second and then cleaned his clock and then grabbed a cord and straggled Camacho to death. The episode would end with Zisa asking Lou, “So, what are we gonna do with him now?”

You can watch Raising Kanan on Starz at 8 pm EST on Sunday nights.

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Written by Landon Buford

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