Jessica Figueroa Violates Lou-Lou Thomas With Crown Camacho in Ep. 1 Of Season 2 Of Raising Kanan


Sunday night gave us the season premiere of the second season of Raising Kanan.

At the beginning of the episode, Jessica Figueroa and Lou-Lou are out in the streets talking about famous needing to have beats to rap to she says, “He can’t just come with rhymes out of the air.”

Lou-Lou responded, ‘well, Phife does, same with Q, and Guru says the s***. Emcees write whether they have to beat or not, Jess. It’s called being an artist, being a creative.

Jessica Figueroa: “I’m so tired of fighting with you about this s***.”

Lou-Lou: So, stop fighting!

Jessica Figueroa: It’s my job push for my brother’s career.

Lou-Luo: Then take a day off. I mean you are Famous manager all the time. When are just going to be my girl?

Jessica Figueroa: I can be both!

Lou-Lou- It’s a single driven business, Right? You don’t get to bites at the apple. Famous track was all right. It didn’t move

Jessica Figueroa: No you didn’t marketed right

Lou-Lou: The market spoke it said f*** Fame. Now all the little n*** do is get high when he should trying to put in that work.

Jessica Figueroa: It’s because he thinks you don’t care about him or his career.

Lou-Lou: I don’t! I don’t give a f***.

Jessica Figueroa: You don’t care?

Lou-Lou: If he don’t care about his career why the f***should I. It’s what you said right? It’s your job to give a f*** about his career, not mine. So, maybe you take care of his a** because you as sure as h*** taking care of me.

Jessica Figueroa: Where you going Lou? You wonder why we always fight.

Lou-Lou: No I don’t!

Later in the show she would talk to her brother Famous, and he tells he, “I don’t get it, your supposed to be my manager right? Supposed to making moves for me, makin my s*** blow up.

Jessica Figueroa: I’m doing all I can fame. I got your mixtape out. I got you played on Stretch and Bobbito. I can’t people buy your s***.

Famous: What about gettin’ me back in the studio?

Jessica Figueroa: How about you layoff the weed and write something. Ever since you start smoking that s***, You been sitting on your a** instead of writing rhymes.

Famous: You told me you were going to talk to Lou-Lou about getting beat to write to.

Jessica Figueroa: He says he want you to write first and then I’ll get you the beats, okay? He says he wants you to be an artist, a creator like Phife.

Famous: Yo, f*** this. I already know I should of got a real manager. I just figure I go with you. Cause, you know, Lou was giving you that d***, so…

Jessica Figueroa: How the f*** you going to talk to your sister that way?

Famous: I figured if Lou was hittin it, it would help my career in away, but I guess what your giving up isn’t getting it done.

Jessica Figueroa: F*** you Famous.

Famous: f*** you, too!

Lou-Lou, Famous, Crown, and Jessica met to develop a game plan for marketing his next project. Lou-Lou would then introduce his new artist Zisa. Lou-Lou explains he met her at a red light and now they about to go on green.

Later in the episode, Jessica and Crown hook up, and after they are done, it is asked what Lou-Lou finds out about them two. He would be mad, one of them said.

Written by Landon Buford

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