Did Kanan Stark Name His Son Shawn After His Best Friend Shawn “Famous” Figueroa  From Raising Kanan?

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Shawn Stark was one of the main characters in seasons one and two of the Original Power series.

When Shawn was a child, his father Kanan was arrested, and he was caught in this latest prodigy James St. Patrick, who he called Uncle G [Ghost] and was very close to his son, whom he treated like his brother.

Shawn was a great basketball player but got hurt and couldn’t continue the sport, leading to his retirement and becoming a driver for Ghost while teaching basketball to children. Right before Kanan was released from prison, he was plotting on getting Ghost back for setting him up and sending him to jail.

He tried to use a hitter by Pink Sneakers to kill Ghost, but that didn’t pan out, and then he tried to use his son to do the job. Unfortunately, that didn’t pan out either, and he ended up killing his son after Ghost flipped him while Shawn had a gun to Ghost’s head, and Shawn revealed he had something going on with Ghost’s wife, Tasha St. Patrick.

However, it seems that Shawn Kanan was named after his father’s best friend Shawn “Famous” Figueroa.

Shawn is Kanan’s best friend. An up-and-coming rapper, he protects his sister Jessica and is loyal to Kanan and the entire Thomas family.

In the season two episode of Raising Kanan, Famous is caught by his sister Jessica and friend Kanan in his room after a wild encounter with a female student from NYU.

Jessica tries to get Famous to wake up and get his guest out of the house before their mother comes home. Kanan shows up at the house and then attempts to get him up by twisting his nipple, and then they proceed to get the girl up, but it’s too late. His mother comes home, heads to his room, starts cussing at him in Spanish and calls him Shawn. Then proceeds to accuse him of stealing money out of her purse to buy drugs [weed] and then proceeds to kick him out of the house.

Later in the episode Jessica Figueroa would share with Lou-Lou Thomas that she would be living for Los Angeles and Crown Camacho got her the job and she is leaving tomorrow. When Thomas found out he told her to get out of his studio after he asked if she was bouncing on her brother too. She would go on to say famous is going to do what he’s going to do, and he doesn’t need her help anyway. She would tell her mother and brother go bye and head to the airport.

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Written by Landon Buford

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