Raising Kanan: Linton Manly’s Goons Press Lou-Lou Thomas For $50K Since He Was In Business With Crown Camacho In Episode Seven


In episode seven in season two of Raising Kanan, Lou-Lou was pressed by goons that Crown Camacho owed $50k that he found out about after killing his business partner in the studio. Lou-Lou and Zisa are doing their thing in the when the goons come into studio looking for Crown.

Lou-Lou told the goons that he didn’t know where Crown was, and his business was not his business. Then he was informed since he owned this place with Crown, he was on the hook for the debt. They also shared that they represent Linton Manly and Crown put the studio up as collateral. Meaning if they don’t get their money soon it was going to be a Linton Manly studio.

They would later jump Lou to ensure he and Crown understood their seriousness and the urgency of recouping their money. Later in the episode, Lou deals with local businessman Cartier because he doesn’t want to approach Raq about the money he and Crown now owe. Cartier wanted half of what Camacho shared because it’s business at the end of the day. Lou-Lou would agree to the deal to take care of his issues with Linton Manly.

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Written by Landon Buford

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