Power Raising Kanan’s Marvin Thomas Sends Marco Boselli And Another Hitter To Body Police Informant Toni Deep


In Raising Kanan, episode 5 of season 2, Toni Deep returns to the series after Marvin Thomas was picked up by the police at the end of season 1. It was later revealed that Deep was the informant that whistled at Marvin and the rest of the Thomas family.

Thomas found her in a fancy part of town, leaving a store called Metal & Stone Fine Jewelry full of bags and getting into her car.

Thomas would say “look who done came up in the world. Still got them legs.”

He was watching her right before the police pulled up behind him. The cop says he makes it his business to know people in that part of town, and Marvin tells him he can’t afford real estate in that part of town, but he has been driving all day and stopped to have a snack. The police officer tells him to go ahead because the place he occupies is for people who shop. Thomas then waited for Deep to pull off, and he followed.

Later in episode five, Marvin finds out that Deep is married and kissing her husband outside of their home. As he drives by, he says, “If only you knew where that mouth been at, n****.”

In episode seven, Marvin meets up with Marco Boselli to give him some work, but it is not the type of work that Raquel and Sal Boselli agreed upon. Instead, Marvin hired Marco to take out Toni Deep in the suburbs because Thomas’s neighborhood looks out of place.

So, Boselli and the same hitter, Dominic, who tried to kill Kanan Stark, bust into the house and kill Toni Deep by shooting her in the head. After she and her dentist husband get done handling the business.

Then the dentist tackles Boselli, and while they are wrestling for the gun, Dominic shoots Boselli and kills him, while the dentist shots at him a couple of times after Dominic hits him in the shoulder. Later in the episode, Dominic would kill too.

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Written by Landon Buford

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