Power’s Lou-Lou Thomas Finally Clocks Crown Camacho In Season Two Ep5 For Violations Tells Him Don’t Pull A Gun Unless You’re Going To Use It

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Power Book III’s Crown Camacho has been violating Lou-Lou Thomas this season by sleeping with his ex-girlfriend Jessica Figueroa before taking a job in Los Angeles that Camacho helped her get behind Thomas’ back.

In episode three of season 2 of Raising Kanan Camacho stepped to Raquel Thomas and tried to cut a deal to get Lou-Lou out of the music business and back on the streets as one of Raq’s soldiers.

“You and me were better off when Lou wasn’t in the music business,” said Camacho.

Raq replied, “I’m listening.”

Crown: What if I sold you part of the label for damn near nothing? Let you wash all the money you want through it. In return, let’s get Lou out of the studio and back on the street. That’s where he belongs.”

Raq: I don’t have time for you right now Crown, you gotta go.

Crown: Oh, but Lou will kill me if he knew I step to you like this.

Raq: Lou ain’t going to know s***.

Camacho is trying to get back at Lou-Luo did a debt-to-equity swap. Meaning that he will convert what he has loaned Camacho into a 50/50 partnership and a stake in Bulletproof [records]. Because the money that was loaned went to an investment.

In the promo clip for Raising Kanan season two episode 5, Thomas can be seen clocking Crown and he grabbing and showing Thomas his guns.

“Oh, you know, just cause you to make gangster music doesn’t make you a gangster; don’t you ever pull that unless you plan on using it,” said Thomas.

Camacho replied, “Who said I ain’t going to use it.”

However, when Marvin Thomas and Lou-Lou were fighting in season one on the street, Lou-Lou’s older brother dropped the line, “Sounds to me like the only song you going to be sing is “That Puerto Rock record n*** f*** my b****.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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