Sal Boselli Tells Raq Unique Runs’ Her Newark Operation & Unique Tells Her, “I Feel Like I Just Hit The Buzzer-Beater”

At the end of episode five of season two of Raising Kanan Raquel Thomas tells Jimmy, who is one of Sal Boselli. That she and his boss will have a meeting to discuss business after an attempt on her and Kanan’s life had failed. In episode six that happened, Worrell stepped to Raq and shared that Unique had a connection to the Italians through Boselli’s son, he did some time in jail and Unique owed her a favor.

So, Raq and the Thomas family go and meet with Unique and agreed to take a trip out to Jersey together to meet with the Bosellis. Raq caught on that it was really convenient that it made Nique useful all of a sudden. After Lou-Lou set up the meeting spot in a mutual location in public, they couldn’t get a hold of Nique and when showed up with Boselli it was clear why.

Sal: I never have the same conversation twice, but when Unique asked me to do it as a favor to him, I couldn’t refuse. He’s a close friend of the family.

Mind you he has a smile on his face as Boselli is speaking to Raq.

Raq: Yeah, our too.- Yeah

Sal: Prince among men, this one, huh?

Raq: This drama between you and me has gotten out of hand.

Sal: Look, the only reason you and The Pips are still breathin’ is because Jimmy here told me what happened in the Catskills. That’s not how we conduct ourselves. We don’t f*** with kids. Not yours or anyone else’s. And now that our friends is vouching for you. I’ve decided to do something I never do. Revisit settled business. Walk wit’ me… Join us. Unique was tellin me that, uh, the two of you have tangled in the past?

Unique: Yeah, I was telling Sal that, uh, we were competitors at a point. Now, we work together.

Raq: Something like that.

Sal: I’m willing to carve off a few points in my interest in your business in Newark. There will be no negotiation, though, Raquel.

Raq: I appreciate you workin’ with me, Mr. Boselli. We good?

Sal: one amendment to our agreement. Unique gonna run the operation in Newark. I want someone there I know and trust. No Unique, no deal.

Raq: Like I said, ‘Nique family.

Raq to Unique: You are Worrell cooked this whole s*** up. His cousin out in Jersey, your connects to these pizza n*****. Vito Corleone here forcin’ you on me and my business?

Unique: S*** just a happy accident, Raq.

There’s nothing happy about it. It’s a long game, ‘Nique. Ain’t about who startin. It’s about who finishes.

Unique: I ain’t gonna lie though, I feel like I just hit the buzzer-beater, though, but excuse me. We’re going to Totonno’s.

Raq then releases the guy she had in play from his duties and tells him he can either be Unique’s lieutenant or bounce. He tells both to f*** off and bounce.

Written by Landon Buford

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