Daniel Sunjata Shares How Courtney Kemp Called Him Personally To Play The G.O.A.T Of Global Snitching


This week’s episode on the Crew Has it with Gianni Paolo and Michael Rainey Jr. They got Daniel Sunjata, who played Mecca aka Dante Spears on season two of Power Book II: Ghost.

During the conversation, Sunjata revealed how he was offered to play his role, known as the G.O.A.T of global snitching, given to him by Tariq St. Patrick, who Michael Rainey Jr plays.

“I gotta just jump into getting on your show it was weird because my my father had just passed away and I was coming off of like not the best period of my career. You get make a five hour drive to upstate new york in order to like clear out  know like couch-surfing with my sister for a little bit waiting for something to happen. When my dad passes away we had to the belongings from his house and while we’re up there doing that these are like three day at a time trips multiples.

During one of them, my people call me and they’re like Courtney Kemp and Starz. I was like, get out of here, not you too. Power Book II: Ghost? They were like yeah, they’re like, you know she heard basically what she told us is how would Daniel like to play a motherf***er of a role transformational all this kind of stuff,” said Sunjata.

“So, I get on the phone with Courtney… The offer call is crazy, but first, the creative conversation with Courtney. So, I was like, wow, because this stuff wasn’t happening for me then. She said, ” Yeah, Daniel,  I thought about you from the beginning. You’re the person that I want to play this role. How would you feel about playing it? I was like, first of all, yes, what downside is there for me, but it was momentous for me, man. I had such a good time on your show. To go back a little further, I was a huge fan of the Original Power mothership show.”

Sunjata talked about running into Omari Hardwick numerous times in Los Angeles and wondering how he knew his name.

“So I was on this show. I had broken my foot, and I’m sitting in a non-weight-bearing cast on my couch for like eight weeks, and I’m just looking on apple tv. I’m sitting there watching like world cup, I’m bored, and I come across a face that I recognize, which was Omari’s. So back in the day, when I was living in LA previously. Omar used to bump into me at random,” Sunjata shared.

“We bumped into each other at like restaurants and clubs, and he would always come up to me and be like Daniel, and I was like, how do you even know my name? I remember him from that, and he was always a good dude, and so, man, to cheer the fact that this is happening for him, I was like, man damn, let me check out the show, and as soon as it started. This is a big rich town. I was like oh this s*** look so sexy and then it’s so gangster, and I was like oh my god I wish I could be on a show like that. Fast forward four years, maybe even five, six, seven, I’m an actor that why I suck at math. Yeah, to get this call is mind blowing.”

Daniel Sunjata won’t be back next season because his character was killed by his son Zeke Cross’ mother, Monet Tejada, in his penthouse after his cover had been blown. He would call Blanca Rodriguez, who is part of the DEA, but it was a little too late.

Power Book II: Ghost will be back later this year on Starz.

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Written by Landon Buford

Powers’ Gianni Paolo Reveals First Interaction With Daniel Sunjata AKA Mecca On Book II: Ghost

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