Shyland Flowers team up with Sylvan LaCue for a new single “Smoke Breaks”

The collaboration between Shyland Flowers and Sylvan LaCue “Smoke Breaks” is that real Hip Hop people want and what the people need. The music is everything you get from the right song at the right time, with them displaying their art to the fullest and making a sure it’s a record the world can enjoy.

Shyland Flowers linked up with Sylvan LaCue to make a hit you will feel on the new song “Smoke Breaks”. The writing shines on this new record, with it being amazing in it’s articulation and delivered perfectly with the right amount of emotion to bring it home for the listener. They do all of this over this alt trap beat that makes it music you can not only feel, but music you can blast out your speakers to make it must hear.

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