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  • Daniella Binyamin

    Daniella Binyamin – Out Of Fuel

    Singer-songwriter Daniella Binyamin shares a new single titled “Out of Fuel,” a song that makes you feel cooler and more fearless than you really are currently. The track “Out of Fuel” is the third single from her upcoming solo debut. Follow-up of her recently released singles “Toothpaste Kisses”, and “Grand Hotel”. She says, “It’s sad […] More

  • Zam Adams

    Zam Adams – Fury Freestyle

    New York-based rapper, singer and songwriter Zam Adams presents a wonderful record called “Fury Freestyle,” a high energy song blend with trap and hip hop. The track “Fury Freestyle” is following his recently released singles “Pressure”, “Far Gone”, and “Our Shadow”. “Fury Freestyle” is the perfect record to showcase the art in Hip Hop music. […] More

  • Danny Leung

    Danny Leung – Gone Too Far

    London-based singer-songwriter Danny Leung shares a new single called “Gone Too Far”. Follow-up of his recently released singles “Why Don’t Say Hi”, and “Tomorrow”. The track “Gone Too Far” is an indie R&B song co-produced by Cameron Kuwada and Danny Leung himself. Danny Leung works like a master to deliver something amazing for his fans, […] More

  • iDaWiLL

    iDaWiLL – The World Is Ours

    iDaWiLL delivers a wonderful single called “The World Is Ours,” that showcases a sound that features perfected blends of afro, hip hop and pop. Follow-up of his recently released singles “Time Nor Day” and “Let’s Make Up”. “The World Is Ours” is a super dope record that shows the creativity that music has to offer. […] More

  • Mike Baretz
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    Mike Baretz – “Worth It”

    American producer Mike Baretz shares a wonderful single called “Worth It”. The single “Worth It” showcase his beautiful vocals and outstanding songwriting skills. Follow-up of his recently released single “Take It That Way,” with a utilized forward-driving beats and woozy atmospherics to create a unique pop sound. His newest single, “Worth It” is the music […] More


    TOP SUBMISSIONS EP1 In October, 2022

    TOP SUBMISSIONS EP1 In October, 2022. We are still dedicated to showcasing the best tracks from the underground by searching far and wide in order to bring you our weekly list.  It’s a tough job as we sift through a ton of high-quality tracks just to settle for just 5 so we switched it up […] More

  • ROE

    ROE shares a new single “Alarms”

    ROE’s “Alarms” is the perfect record to show the innovation music will always have to offer. In a time where you can feel like you’ve heard it all, she deliver something fresh that is amazing to hear, with a sound that defies preference and just a record you can take in and enjoy forever. This […] More

  • Bex & Bright

    Bex & Bright – Run It Up

    Bex & Bright and 1L1L’s “Run It Up” is an amazing piece of music that shows how to make authentic music, that has a message with a big sound that can go far. It’s a master class of musicianship in every way of music making, to make something enjoyable for the masses. The song is […] More

  • Subcon

    Subcon – Rot!

    Subcon’s “Rot!” is a must hear record, from a must hear talent. He exudes musical greatness, as his daring approach and willingness to take chances, pays off majorly to create this incredible record. If you want to hear something beyond special, then listen to him now! The song itself is super hard to even come […] More

  • Legaxy

    Legaxy – LOVED YOU

    Legaxy’s “LOVED YOU” is everything that not only music but the world needs right now. It’s that feel good music that brings people together and makes the world move, with a track that gives you a vibe that you hope never stops. The vocal performance feels good to the ears and rides this production to […] More

  • Timi O

    Timi O – 25

    Timi O’s “25” is a record that will have you feeling on top of the world. It packs an infinite amount of flex to be the motivation you need with his, being able to show his high class of skill and make music that will keep people going. His melodic approach shines in the music, […] More

  • Omotola

    Omotola – The Weekend

    Nigerian-American singer and songwriter Omotola released a new single called “The Weekend,” an eclectic mix of influences. When an artist is in their zone it always makes for a major listen, with them being unapologetic in their approach, to let their words fly as they go for gold. That type of energy is what Omotola’s new song […] More

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