Poiison & Styles P Team Up in ‘Big Boys’

In “Big Boys,” Poiison and Styles P, two raw and talented New York artists, have created a magnetic collision that explores the intricacies of modern relationships. This track is a narrative that delves deep into the complexities of love, loss, and resilience. 

Poiison, who rose to prominence in 2023 with her hit song “I Can’t Fall In Love,” has joined forces with D-Block’s legendary rapper Styles P to craft a tale of navigating romantic terrain without a compass, growing up without male guidance, and the harsh realities that come with it. 

What makes “Big Boys” stand out is Poiison’s commitment to storytelling. Her unique blend of pop and soul and Styles P’s gritty verses create a sonic landscape that’s both compelling and deeply relatable. Their chemistry is undeniable, each verse serving as a mirror reflecting the trials and tribulations of love in today’s world.

Poiison’s Queens roots shine through in “Big Boys,” imbuing the track with palpable authenticity. Her music is a melting pot of diverse sounds and styles, anchored by her distinctive voice and lyrical prowess. Influenced by Madonna and Lil Wayne, Poiison’s music is a testament to her multifaceted talents as a creative force to be reckoned with.

The accompanying music video, directed by Poiison herself, is a visual feast that complements the track’s narrative. It reminds us that music has the power to transcend boundaries, touch souls, and inspire change. 

The “Big Boys” is a statement that the future of Hip-Hop looks brighter than ever with artists like Poiison and Styles P at the helm. Their collaboration is sure to leave a lasting impact on the music industry.

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