DOGDAD Unleashes A Sound Treat In Debut Album “SWAN DIVE PITY PARTY’’

DOGDAD makes an unapologetic bark with debut album, “SWAN DIVE PITY PARTY,” a visceral exploration of post-punk, post-hardcore, and emo influences masterfully blended into a 24-minute auditory journey. The album, rich with emotional intensity, navigates seamlessly between abrasive and accessible elements, showcasing DOGDAD’s willingness to bare their soul through both poignant lyrics and a distinctive sonic landscape.

The opening track, “Hands On A Hardbody,” sets the stage with its raw, energetic and punk vibe that gets you moving your head in a non-exact direction just swaying into the “Paws’’ of DOGDAD. And it got even better when “now put your hands in the air”  came in, I was totally blown away.

“Dewar’s Good Time”, the second track is out of this world. From the beginning of the song I was hooked in completely and I think it’s because I haven’t heard lately an intro to a song that’s so complex I had to listen a couple times to the guitar strum pattern. I love how DOGDAD finds a way to drool in a chill chorus in spite of all the hardcore also adding sweetness to the guitar rhythm, that’s Nifty.

The album comes to a close with “SWAN DIVE PITY PARTY” and personally I think this is my favourite in the album. It’s so dynamic, an all-in-one track that’s going to be on repeat on stereos and just when I’ve had enough, the “bell” steps in and I’m like ‘Hmmm’, this is my “SWAN DIVE PITY PARTY” and I’m totally calling some friends over.

Clocking in at seven tracks within 24 minutes, “SWAN DIVE PITY PARTY” maintains a concise yet impactful narrative. DOGDAD’s debut is a testament to the power of channeling extreme feelings into music, leaving listeners with an indelible experience that resonates long after the final notes fade away. This album is a plunge into the tumultuous sea of emotions, where the waves of post-genre experimentation crash against the shores of authenticity.

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Written by LandonBuford Staff

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