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Principe Valiente Illuminate a New Path with ‘In This Light’

Principe Valiente returns with their latest opus, “In This Light,” marking a significant evolution in their decade-spanning journey. Scheduled for release this spring by Metropolis Records, the album’s ten meticulously crafted tracks showcase the band’s signature ethereal soundscapes and dark, ambient allure that first captivated the alternative scene in 2011.

“In This Light” ushers in a bold new era for Principe Valiente, now a dynamic duo. The listener is enveloped in a symphony of mellotrons, samplers, and analog synths from the opening notes. Jimmy Ottosson’s Rickenbacker 12-string and Gretsch guitars resonate with celestial clarity, harmonizing perfectly with melodic piano lines and the band’s signature distorted driving bass. At the forefront, Fernando Honorato’s enigmatic vocals guide the listener through a haunting yet hopeful auditory journey.

Tracks like “Something New” and “Inspired By Me” signal the band’s evolution, embracing a poppier, more direct approach without sacrificing their dark, immersive essence. These singles not only showcase the band’s newfound direction but also reaffirm their knack for creating music that is both accessible and profoundly affecting.

The album’s 40 minutes and 39 seconds are a masterclass in atmospheric tension and release, with each song meticulously designed to transport listeners to a place where light and shadow dance in harmonious balance. Whether it’s the haunting echoes of the past or the shimmering possibilities of the future, “In This Light” captures the essence of Principe Valiente’s transformative sound.

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