Monet Tejada Catches Another Body, This Time It’s Dante Spears AKA Mecca.


On the season two finale of Power Book II: Ghost. Monet, Tariq, and Cane double-cross Mecca. They were able to take out his crew and finish the job. However, Mecca asked Monet to text Tariq St. Patrick and get him over to kill him and then Monet.

The plan was to shoot Tariq as soon as he got off the elevator, but Monet had other plans. So instead, she pulled her gun out and said, “let him up and step aside. It’s over, Mecca.”

“You betrayed me Nae-Nae, but I am not pointing a gun at you,” said Mecca.

Monet: Me? You f*** ruined my life. You ruined Zeke’s life. You shot at us, and you lied.

Mecca: How is that any different than what you did? You stole my product, hmm, and you lied about it… Nae-Nae, we are perfect for each other.

Monet: Don’t you f*** move. Don’t you come any further!

Mecca: I will do whatever it takes to have you, Nae-Nae. Zeke already hates you. You killed his girlfriend, Carrie, and lied about it, right? Because you love him. I love you. I have only ever loved you. But, if you do this to Zeke, kill his father. He is going to hate for the rest of his life.

Monet: Fuck you! Zeke will get over it.

Then she shot him after she and Tariq wiped the camera footage except for the downstairs camera showing Tariq at the front desk. However, Mecca lets Blanca Rodriguez know his cover has been compromised before he was shot.

Tune in to season three of Power Book II: Ghost to discover what happens next.

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Written by Landon Buford

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