Amin Elhassan On Derrick Rose’s Season “Remarkable“

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Derrick Rose is listed as doubtful with an ankle injury, and most likely won’t play Monday night against the Pelicans. Per CBS Sports.

If Rose is unable to go, he will miss his second straight game with a sprained ankle, which he suffered over the weekend. Minnesota will have to go with the next man up mentality, means both Tyus Jones and Jerryd Bayless will be in place to handle the point guards assignments. Jeff Teague would typically be an option, but he is also out with an ankle injury of his own.

Speaking of Derrick Rose, ESPN The Jump’s Amin Elhassan was recently in Dallas to watch the Mavericks to take on the Oklahoma City Thunder. 

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During an interview, Elhassan shared his thoughts on the Derrick Rose season thus far.

“Remarkable I didn’t expect it obviously. I don’t think a lot of people expected it. There are two things, one I talked to someone in Minnesota early in the year I said what is going on. He said it was his first off-season where he wasn’t rehabbing an injury. He was, actually allowed to just work on his game. I think you see the fruits of that labor the off-season, as opposed to every other year he is trying to get right and healthy,“ Elhassan told me.

“The other thing I say I think he has changed his approach. Coming off the bench and accepting coming off the bench allows him to play a game more suited to him. He doesn’t have to worry about being a playmaker I think that has really helped him open up his game“. 

Elhassan also joined the discussion of will Derrick Rose win the Sixth man of the Year Award?

“ It is going to be tough there is犀利士 a lot of great competition. Obviously, Lou Williams is a tough one. You got Spencer Dinwiddie in Brooklyn, who has been tremendous and you got Dennis Schroder from the Oklahoma City  Thunder. It is going to be tough, but he is definitely in the running. 

What do you think?

Written by Landon Buford

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