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“Way Too Far” By Phony Ppl Teaches Accountability in Relationships

While getting ready to start my day, I was thinking of this song that I’ve recently been listening to, and how the lyrics were just, brilliant. While thinking about this song and its lyrics, all of a sudden it gained a deeper meaning to me.

The song I’m talking about is “Way Too Far” by Phony Ppl from their “mō’zā-ik.” album. Phony Ppl is a 5-piece band hailing from Brooklyn, New York. The song basically talks about how he feels that he went too far trying to please a certain person while losing himself in the process. But what I love about the way he puts the lyrics are he took accountability for his actions and didn’t blame the other person. As humans, a lot of times we tend to blame the other person for our hurt and shortcomings, when it is in fact, us that is the problem. It is our job to eliminate a person that we feel is toxic to our lives. Although easier said than done, especially when love is involved.

The song starts off saying “Waking out my sleep, it’s like someone is there. Cause this reflection can’t be me. But I chauffeured myself there”. He’s saying he’s allowed himself to become this totally different person that he doesn’t even recognize anymore. He doesn’t feel like himself at all. He feels that this relationship is about to drive him to a point of no return.

He continues to say “My walk and my talk been different, my style and my thoughts been different. I got you, but it’s me I’m missing. You’ll agree, you get it. I think I went way too far tryna please you,”. He’s noticing all of these things about himself that are starting to change because he is putting someone else’s needs and happiness before his own. “I got you but it’s me I’m missing. You’ll agree, you’ll get “. He’s saying yeah I have you, but at what expense? I have lost myself in the process. And you know it. 

“When the options up to me, I do what I think you wanna see. Ten times out of ten I’ll make the same decision again. The aroma of you, girl, makes my obligation start to fade. Just to keep you close, I watch myself drift further just the same cause,”

Wow. He recognizes that he’s so into this person, that he’ll basically do anything to make them happy, even if it’s at the expense of his own. And if he had to do it again, he would. He’s not proud of it though. “Just to keep you close, I watch myself drift further”. Meaning, just to keep that person happy, he had to become less and less of himself.

Verse 3 is something I’m excited to get into. It’s crazy that I’m writing this without even looking at the lyrics, I’ve listened to it so much that I can just write about it off of my own memory. Haha.

“My reflection yells at me, reprimanding turbulent demands. Based off pure instinct, that I may just not know who I am”

He’s at a constant battle with himself because he knows that he isn’t doing what’s best for him. His instinct, his gut feeling is yelling at him to find himself again, he’s lost at the moment.

“Every time I’m by myself, I wonder why I can’t help but misbehave. Just to keep you close, I watch myself drift further just the same”

I feel like in this line he’s saying that when he’s by himself that he isn’t satisfied. He’s put so much into this person and not into himself, so when he’s alone the guilt and accountability is eating at him. He knows what he must do though. He knows he needs to be himself again, before it goes too far.
I really love how Elbee Thrie is singing this song in a position of self-accountability because he easily could’ve written a song where he blamed the other person for his own downfalls, but he took a different angle. He has seen the faults in his own self and decided that he’s not gonna go with that flow anymore. It’s not him. He allowed himself to get there, now he has to fix it.

Written by Tre'Oshula Mone't

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