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Future’s Freewishes Foundation Brings Christmas Cheer to Atlanta Families in Need

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The Freewishes Foundation

In a heartwarming display of generosity and holiday spirit, the Freewishes Foundation, spearheaded by Grammy-winning artist and philanthropist Future, continued its longstanding tradition of giving back to the Atlanta community during the festive season. The 2023 Christmas celebration was a testament to their unwavering commitment to supporting marginalized families in the Atlanta Metro area.

At the luxurious Bentley Atlanta, a memorable event unfolded as families in need were welcomed to a day filled with joy, laughter, and precious gifts. From essential items to electronics, toys, clothing, and more, the Foundation spared no effort in ensuring that every family experienced the magic of the holidays.

For Future, Christmas holds a special place in his heart, and through the Freewishes Foundation, he endeavors to spread joy and alleviate the financial burden that many families face during this time of the year.

The Freewishes Foundation

“Everyone deserves to have a Merry Christmas no matter who they are and where they are financially,” Future expressed. “Our Freewishes Foundation is always excited to give back, especially during Christmas.”

Collaborating with Bentley Atlanta and the Mabry Family Foundation led by Greg Mabry, the Freewishes Foundation extended its outreach to support families in need, aiming to relieve the financial and emotional strains experienced by many in the Atlanta Metro area.

Tia Wilburn, Executive Director of Freewishes and Future’s sister, emphasized the importance of ensuring that families facing financial hardships receive the support and gifts they need during the holidays.

“The holidays are the worst time of year to be in financial hardship, not because of selfish demands, but because of the pressure to feel normal,” shared Tia Wilburn. “So, we’ve consistently tried to ensure that many families in need receive the help and gifts they need.”

The Freewishes Foundation has become a beacon of hope for those in need in the Atlanta community. Their impact stretches far beyond the holiday season, as they continuously engage in charitable initiatives, including scholarships, health and wellness programs, aiding senior citizens, and providing educational resources like the recently opened S.T.E.A.M lab for underprivileged students in Georgia.

The Freewishes Foundation

As part of their commitment to spreading holiday joy, the Foundation has previously organized shopping sprees at Target for children and families and distributed gifts to thousands of families in Future’s hometown of Kirkwood. This year’s “I am a Dreamer” Holiday Pop-Up at Bentley Atlanta offered a festive atmosphere, where families enjoyed dinner and children engaged in various entertaining activities like laser tag, bowling, face painting, stocking stuffing, and more.

Future’s Freewishes Foundation remains dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of Atlanta families, ensuring that the spirit of giving and compassion thrives not just during the holiday season, but throughout the year.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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