Courtney Kemp Shares Fans Gotta Watch When Asked About Connection Between Effie And Mecca


Courtney Kemp last week was on Instagram Live for her weekly episode recap Q&A. When a fan asked her if Mecca was Effie’s old connect.

“I know a lot of guys have been asking about a relationship between Mecca and Effie,” said Kemp.

“Again, I will just tell you guys that I don’t want to answer that question, but I do want you guys to stay tuned.

Earlier in the Live Kemp shared after episode ten’s post-Instagram Live Q&A’s she will go back and go through and give people props for guessing correctly for this season. There have been a lot of comments that fans have been making, and Kemp has not been talking about specific things such as Effie and Mecca’s connection hint. She has been avoiding them because the fan has been correct.

Last week, Effie helped Tariq and the Tejada family steal products and jewelry from Mecca’s compound and condo. In one of his latest breakdown videos, MOVIE BOT On YouTube suggested that Effie could be Mecca’s inside woman and leaking information to him.

If you think back to the sixth season of the Original Power, Effie is why Tariq was caught selling drugs at Choate. She turned him into the administration because she saw him as competition that she had to get rid of, and she did. In season one of Power Book II: Ghost, Effie returned when Tariq needed product for his operation with Course Correct, which he didn’t pay her for upfront because he felt she owed him for getting him kicked out of Choate.

As Courtney Kemp said, stay tuned for the final two episodes of Season 2 of Ghost, which can be seen on Starz at 8 pm EST.

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Written by Landon Buford

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