Power’s Larenz Tate Was Originally Supposed To Play Terry Silver, Not Counselman Rashad Tate [Watch]

Larenz Tate plays an integral part in Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 as Rashad Tate. The series follows Tariq St. Patrick (Michael Rainey Jr.), trying to balance his student life with his work on the street as a drug trafficker.

While he tries to keep his life separate, he is caught in the line of fire of Rashad, who has his desires and motivations. Tate was a pillar of the Power Universe but was supposed to play a different character.

Although Power fans still associate Tate with Rashad, the Love Jones actor was originally expected to play another part in the original series.

“So, Omari Hardwick, who plays the infamous Ghost [James St. Patrick], is a real dear friend of mine, and he is a huge reason why I’m even a part of this. Along with obviously Courtney Kemp, who made it happen. Courtney Kemp manifested this thing for me, and 50 Cent amplified it. So, shoutout to those who were supportive, as well as Mark Canton, but here is what was interesting, I was originally cast as an offer to play Terry Silver. “Yes, many” Many people don’t know that,” Tate told The Crew Has It Podcast.

“We were trying to figure out the best way for me to come in because I had been talking to Courtney, 50, and obviously, Omari is my brother. So, we were trying to figure out what that would be, and have the opportunity to play the lawyer, who would defend Ghost when he is locked up.”

He added, “Then, eventually has a relationship with Tasha, Tariq’s mom. We were like, and it’s cool. I will get to play with Naturi, have a good time, and play opposite of her, but I was working on another project. And it was not coming together. I couldn’t do it. So, here is what happened I reached out to Courtney and said I wanted to be a part of the show.

The agent, the managers, nobody was on this call, and I had to bring some of myself to Rashad [Tate]. I told Courtney whatever you need to do for this show; I’ll do an episode. I love you, sis; I love what it does for the culture, elevate it, and want to be a part of it. She says we are working on this character for season four for [Original Power], and it’s not just one episode, it’s four, and I’m like, alright. And on top of that, she says, I think it’s going to name it ‘Tate.'”

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