“DUMB LUCK”: J.Plantana’s Infectious Braggadocio Anthem

J.Plantana’s latest track, “DUMB LUCK,” is an infectious club banger that showcases the rapper’s impeccable flow and witty lyricism. With a Vince Staples-type beat, the song is perfect for partying, working out, or boosting your ego.

What sets “DUMB LUCK” apart is using gender-neutral pronouns in the lyrics, highlighting J.Plantana’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity in her art. The song celebrates her success and talent with lighthearted braggadocio that never takes itself too seriously.

J.Plantana is a bisexual female rapper from Michigan, known for her versatility in different sub-genres of hip-hop. Her mixtape “Better Upset” delves into mental health and self-acceptance themes, showcasing her impressive range as a rapper.

Influenced by Lupe Fiasco, Kendrick Lamar, and A Tribe Called Quest, J.Plantana is a rising star in the alternative hip-hop scene. With “DUMB LUCK,” she has delivered a track that will get people moving and cement her status as one of the most exciting new artists in the game.

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